How can docrafts help?

We all need a little help sometimes, for tips on navigating our website take a quick look at our FAQ’s

How do I get back to the Homepage?

Simply click on the big docrafts logo in the top left hand corner of the page/menu bar and this will take you back to the homepage. From each different section of the website you can also click on the purple box on the left hand side to refresh the page.

How do I upload my projects?

To upload your projects you need to be a registered member of the website. It’s free to join and there are links on the top right hand side of the page/menu bar to guide you. Click here to view an article with simple steps explaining how to upload your makes once you are a registered member.

How do I view my gallery?

To view your Gallery log in to and click on your Profile name or avatar image which appears in the top right corner of the menu bar. This will take you to your Profile page and from here you can click on the ‘Gallery’ link on the left hand side of the page. If you are logged out or another member clicks on your name via a project they will be directed straight to your Gallery to view all of your crafty makes.

Why don’t I have an animated header on my gallery?

Once you have uploaded more than 20 projects to your Gallery an animated header will automatically appear the next time you log in.

What is my Newsfeed?

The Newsfeed is a great way of keeping up to date with everything your friends and people your following have been doing on the website. You will receive notifications when your friends have uploaded new projects, people have commented on your projects and when people have sent you friend requests or messages. Unread notifications will appear as a small number by your Profile image in the top right corner of the main menu bar and will hopefully mean you never miss a thing!

What is the difference between Friends/Followers/Following?

To be ‘Friends’ with someone you must first send a request from their Gallery page. If accepted you will be able to private message each other and their website activity will be displayed in your Newsfeed. Simply search for friends using the search tool in your Profile and when you have located the right person, click on their name followed by the teal button labelled ‘Actions’ and select the option to ‘Friend’. They will instantly be sent a friend request and if they click ‘Confirm’ will appear in your list of friends.

If you like another members projects but you don’t want to interact with them the ‘Following’ option is best. By clicking the ‘Follow’ button on another members Gallery, updates will appear in your Newsfeed every time they upload a new project.

The number of people following your Gallery is displayed on your Profile as ‘Followers’.

Where can I find a list of docrafts Demonstrators?

Click here for a full list of docrafts Demonstrators or visit our Events section by hovering over ‘Stores’ on the main menu bar at the top of the page.

How do I become a docrafts Demonstrator?

If you would like to be part of the docrafts Demonstrator Programme we would love to hear from you. Click on the link to contact us, select ‘Recruitment’ from the drop down options and send us details about why you should be considered with full contact details so we can get in touch.

How do I join the docrafts Club?

If you want to join the docrafts Club for exclusive project, videos and downloads content, additional prize draws, access to all back issues of Creativity Magazine, 15% discount in our docrafts Shop as well as FREE P&P on orders over £20, simply click here or on any content within our Club section.

Why can’t I access some content such as projects and downloads?

This is because our docrafts club members have 14 days exclusivity to all new docrafts content including Downloads, Videos and Projects before all other members. Club members also get exclusive Prize Draws, access to online back issues of Creativity magazine and 15% off in our online Shop. For an all access view of join our Club today it's FREE!

How do I send a message to another member?

To send a message to another member you must first become friends. For instructions on 'Finding Friends' please check out our other FAQ's. Once your friend request has been accepted click on the 'Messages' option on the left hand side within your profile. Select which of your friends you want to contact by typing the first letters of their username and selecting from the drop down list which appears. After typing your message in the box below simply click the teal 'Send Message' button to complete.

How do I find other members and send Friend requests?

To send a friend request simply visit another members gallery by clicking their username or avatar and press the teal 'Actions' button. You can also search for members by visiting your own profile page and clicking the teal 'Find Friends' button located on the left hand side. Click here for a quick link to the Members search section.

I can't seem to login to the website and it's running slowly, can you help?

Please make sure you have the most up to date web browser installed on your computer as the website is not 100% compatible with Internet Explorer 8 or below. For optimum functionality use Internet Explorer 11 by going to to download the latest version, or use a different internet browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

How do I make a profile?

To create a profile you need to register with our website.

1) Simply enter your name and email address, then create a username that will appear on your profile. Create a password and re-type it to confirm.

Your chosen username must only contain letters, numbers, - and _ and will be displayed on your messages, gallery, blogs and more. Usernames must be unique; if the name you select is already in use you will be asked to choose an alternative.

2) Don’t’ forget to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy then click “Join”

3) Finally you will need to verify your account. All new accounts need to be verified before you can log in. When signing up to an email should automatically be sent to the email address that you provided during registration. This will contain a link to enable you to verify the validity of your email address and activate your account. Each profile requires verification to ensure the email address is correct if we need to contact you regarding your orders and that you are a genuine person not an automated spamming system (it helps keep our member pages spam free).

When you have registered you can start using all the great functionality across the site. Just click on your username in the top right hand corner of the screen to go to your profile and check out all the things you can do.

Verifying your profile

All new accounts need to be verified before you can log in. When signing up to an email should automatically be sent to the email address that you provided during registration. This contains a link to enable you to verify your email address and activate your account.
Each profile requires verification to ensure the email address is correct for when we need to contact you and to determine if you are a genuine person rather than an automated spamming system (it helps keep our member pages spam free).

I can't log in

You will need to go the Login page. Don’t worry if you can’t remember your username, you can use your email address to log in instead. If you have forgotten you password, click the link “If you have forgotten your password Click Here”, enter your email address and then you will be sent an email with a link to reset your password.

Remember to enter your details exactly as you registered, for example if you typed your email address “” you will not be able to log in with “”.

Passwords are case sensitive but your username and email address are not.
If your email address has changed and you can no longer access the relevant mailbox you will need to create a new profile with your current email address.

How do I change my username, email address or personal details?

You can change all these details in your profile. You will need to log in using the details you originally registered with, and then click on your profile avatar at the top right hand of the screen. Click on ‘Edit profile’ just beneath your username where you can update your details.

We don’t recommend changing your username as people may already know you by that name, however if you do decide to change it please note it can only be changed once every 7 days.

IMPORTANT: If you have a Creativity Magazine Subscription then the delivery address for subscriptions cannot be linked with your profile. If you need your magazines delivered to a different address from the one you provided when you took out the subscription, then we need to manually arrange this with the despatching company on your behalf; therefore please notify us using the contact form on the Support page.

I am not receiving docrafts newsletters

Firstly check your contact preferences in your profile. Click on your profile avatar at the top right hand of the screen, go to 'Edit profile' underneath your username, select “Your Account” from the options on the left hand side and then scroll down to 'Privacy Settings'. Make sure the box is ticked that says “Receive email communications”.

If the box is already ticked and you are still not receiving docrafts emails, we suggest you check your spam/ junk settings and add docrafts to your address book and/or safe senders list. If you use any additional email or online security software check the settings for this as well to make sure it is not over-zealous, blocking particular subscribed mail. If you still do not receive the mailings you should speak to your email provider to try to identify the problem.

I don't want to receive docrafts newsletters

Simply click the unsubscribe link in any of our emails, or amend the contact preferences in your docrafts profile. Log into your account, click on your profile avatar at the top right hand corner of the screen, click on 'Edit Profile' underneath your username, select “Your Account” from the options on the left and scroll down to 'Privacy Settings' and deselect “Receive email communications”.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our main concern. docrafts will not sell your information with any other companies and will not share it with any unaffiliated companies. Your details are held securely.

Most people check out a website's Privacy Policy before entering any personal information into a web form. It's a good idea to see what happens to your data. You can rest assured that here on your information is safe. We know we have certain obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998, and so we take good care to comply at all times with this and all relevant UK and EU laws. We understand the issues and concerns surrounding the use of personal data in business, so we maintain very high standards and are accountable to you at all times.

You can see the fine detail in the full Privacy Policy, for those who want it.

How do you deal with spam?

As a business we are aware of the various types of spam which can appear on our website and do try to tackle them on a daily basis. We know how annoying spam can be and therefore we have numerous measures in place to ensure that remains free of unsolicited material.

Please be rest assured that spammers have no access to your personal details which are kept secure on our private security protected servers.

Help! I've got an error message and can't log in

If you are you are experiencing difficulties logging in, encounter error messages or “oops” pages or you are a docrafts Club member and having trouble accessing Club content, we suggest clearing your internet browsing history and cookies. Go to your internet options settings, usually at the top right hand corner of your screen to clear history. Please click on the link below which will instruct you on how to do this if you are unsure:
Clear your cookies.

If you encounter any further problems please do not hesitate to contact our friendly ecrafters Support Team via the contact form on the Support page. Let us know details of the error messages you are receiving, what device you are using (e.g. Desktop, iPad or iPhone), what browser you are using (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome) and what operating system (e.g. Windows 8 or OS X 10.9 Mavericks) so that we can investigate further.

Where can I enter competitions?

All competitions are listed in the Competitions section of the site. Please ensure that you are signed into your docrafts account to enter any competitions of interest. After clicking the “Enter Prize Draw” button, you can select your address from the drop down list or type in your address to complete the entry.


Purchasing docrafts products

You can view full details of our entire catalogue in the Products section of our website. Our newest products and core ranges can be purchased in any of our docrafts Creativity Stores, find your nearest stockist here. You can search by your town or postcode to see retailers in your area or there is a link to Online Stores on the same page to search nationwide.

Looking for something specific? The shops we supply are not docrafts owned therefore we do not have access to individual stock records. It's therefore difficult for us to advise you where to purchase specific products. The product code is the best tool to help you find what you are looking for. We would advise you to call your local stockist to enquire if they have a particular product ahead of making a journey there to get it. You can find all stockist details here

Please note there is no shop front or customer facing facilities at docrafts HQ. However, we do offer a range of great value products with exclusive discounts that can be purchased directly from our docrafts Shop. Please note, we do not sell our entire range in the docrafts Shop but keep an eye out for exciting offers, last chances to buy and seasonal promotions.


docrafts stockists overseas

We list docrafts stockists with all their contact details in the Stores section of our website. You can search by your town or country to see retailers in your area or there is a link to online shops on the same page to search the web. Many of our online stops ship overseas to a variety of countries round the world.

Do I have to be a Club member to buy online?

You don’t have be a member of the docrafts Club in order to purchase online in the Shop. However it is worth knowing that if you do become a member, this would entitle you to an extra 15% discount on your purchases and preferential delivery options such as FREE P&P on orders over £20. docrafts Club membership is FREE with a docrafts Creativity Magazine Subscription or can be purchased separately.


What's the difference between my Craft Box and My Basket?

You can add any content from such as projects/videos/products to your Craft Box for you to come back and review later – it’s a bit like an online pin board combined with a shopping list. You can’t purchase items directly from your Craft Box.

To purchase products you need to go to the docrafts Shop and add your chosen items to your shopping basket or visit your local docrafts Creativity Store for a larger range.

How do I add products to my basket?

Go to our docrafts Shop to browse the selection of products we offer for purchase directly. To add a product to your basket, hold your mouse pointer over the thumbnail image to see the “Add to Basket” button. If a product is out of stock you cannot add it to your basket so please chose an alternative product or check back another time. For full product details click on the product image or description.

How do I view or edit my basket?

Click the basket icon at the top of the purple menu strip to see a quick view of your selected items.

To go to the full basket where you change make amendments, select ‘Basket’.

To amend products simply click in the box with the quantity and change the number to what you want or click “Remove” next to products you do not want. The order value will update automatically.


How do I check out?

When you have added your chosen products to your basket and are ready to checkout click the 'Checkout' button at the top right hand of the docrafts Shop screen. Here you will be guided through the following stages:

Delivery Details
Please enter the required delivery name and address details (you can enter different billing details later if required). We also require a valid email address and telephone number for us to contact you regarding your order. Our preferred contact method is email and you will receive order, despatch and payment confirmations to the email address you provided. However we may need to contact you by telephone if we have any questions/problems regarding your order for delivery. We do not pass your details to any third parties and do not use the details you enter here for any mailing lists etc.

Click “Deliver to this address” to progress to the next stage (you can review & amend details later too)

Shipping Options
All applicable delivery options and prices are shown here – please select your preferred option and click “Continue” to proceed to the next stage.

(see Delivery Rates and Options for more details on the Support page)

Payment details
If you want to use a different billing name and/or address unselect the tick-box to reveal the additional fields.

Enter your payment card details and double check they are correct. Remember to enter your CV2 Number (see What is my CV2 number on the Support page)

Click 'Continue' to progress to your order Summary.

Here you can review all the details of your order and the total value. Please double check everything and if you need to amend anything just click the “Change” link next to the section heading to be taken back. If you are happy that everything is correct click “Place Your Order” confirm your order. After you have clicked this you will not be able to make amendments.

Your payment provider will now run security checks and authorize the transaction.  If the payment is declined please contact your bank or try again with alternative payment details.

Order Confirmation
Here you will be provided with an order reference number. You will receive an email to confirm your order and another when it is dispatched.

Which payment methods can I use?

We accept payments using the following debit and credit cards. At present we do not support Paypal.

What is my CV2 number?

Your CV2 Number is the 3 or 4 digit security code on the reverse of your payment card (usually on the signature strip). This code is required by your payment provider to process online payments and provides added security to your online transaction.


We offer a range of delivery options, depending on the value of your order and the delivery country, including free shipping for docrafts Club members on orders of £20 and over. You can find full details by clicking here.

All charges are confirmed during checkout after entering your delivery address.  

A working day is Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays and if ordered before 11am.

All delivery options are subject to availability.

On rare occasions, we may need to deliver items outside of the published timeframe. We can't guarantee delivery within our usual timescales during times of high volume or to a small number of remote rural areas.

Please note that we reserve the right not to deliver an order if we believe the address isn’t secure, for example to a communal postal address or PO box. If this affects an order you place, we'll notify you as soon as possible.

We’re sorry, but we don't deliver to BFPO addresses.

Delivery rates and options

For all delivery rates, click here.

UK deliveries
We process all orders as quickly as possible. Once despatched you will receive an email and your order will be delivered using Parcel Force as per your specified delivery timeframe.

European deliveries
Please allow 5 working days for our warehouse to process your order. Once despatched you will receive an email and your order will be delivered using a five working day courier service. Pricing and couriers used vary depending on the order content and delivery country. All charges are confirmed during checkout after entering your delivery address.  

Can I track my order

Yes, you will be sent a confirmation email when your order is despatched which will contain your tracking number. You can track your delivery on the Parcel Force website:

What should I do if something is missing from my order?

Please check your despatch notification email to ensure the products have been confirmed. The information on our website is kept as current as possible; unfortunately from time to time products can go out of stock before picking and securing payment. If anything is unavailable it will not appear on the confirmation and you will not have been charged.

If any products are confirmed but not contained in your delivery, please contact our friendly Ecrafters Support Team via the contact form on the Support page as soon as possible, providing your order number, full name and address, and as much detail as possible regarding the problem.

What should I do if my order hasn't arrived?

If your order has not arrived within the delivery timeframe specified please contact us straight away for us to investigate. Please notify our friendly Ecrafters Support Team via the contact form on the Support page, providing your order number and full name and address.

Cancellation & returns policy

Here at docrafts we take quality control very seriously and apologise if you encounter any problems with your order. We will happily refund or replace any damaged or faulty product purchased from our docrafts Shop, within six months from delivery date.

We cannot refund or replace products
• that have suffered damage after delivery
• that have been misused or used other than in accordance with the instructions
• if the problem is due to normal wear and tear
• that are returned after 14 days from receipt and are not found to be faulty

Simply contact our friendly Ecrafters Support Team via the contact form on the Support page, who can issue a free of charge tracked returns label for you. You will need to advise us of your order number, full name and address and the product code/s. We do ask that damaged or faulty products be returned promptly and enclose a covering letter so that our testing team are aware of the exact problem to be expected.

If you wish to return any products which are not damaged or faulty they must be returned at your own cost within 14 days and must be unused, in a saleable condition and in their original packaging with all labels and any associated vouchers enclosed. Once received, we will either credit or replace the product/s (subject to stock availability), whichever you prefer. Please be aware that we are not able to take responsibility for the product whilst it is in the post and recommend using a tracked service.

Due to copyright reasons, once the seal has been broken of a digital product (CDs/CD-ROMs/DVDs) it is non-returnable unless certified faulty. Please visit the docrafts Digital Designer dedicated support website where you will find troubleshooting and
additional help. You can also submit a query to our Support page who can offer personal tailored assistance.

Please note there is no shop front or customer facing facilities available at our warehouse. For health and safety reasons, please do not attempt to hand deliver returns. We cannot accept any returns of products which were not purchased directly from the docrafts Shopdocrafts Stockists are not part of our company. Please contact the store/trader where you bought the product to arrange a return.

Please refer to Section 6 of our Terms and Conditions for our full cancellation and returns procedures.

How safe are my payment details?

Protecting the security of all personally-identifiable information associated with our customers and website users is of utmost concern to us. We utilise the following secure payment protocols to ensure your details remain safe:

All payments are made via a secure website (HTTPS) which means you can be assured that all your personal information is safe.

We do not store any credit card numbers on our own in-house servers.

We use Sage Pay as our credit card provider – they are one of the safest and most secure card providers in the UK.
• Sage Pay is full PCI DSS compliant.
• Sage Pay has been in operation for over 10 years.
• They process millions of transactions per year and have over 30,000 customers (like Design Objectives) using their credit card payment systems.
• The systems run 24 hours a day and their promise is to have an up-time of more than 99.9%.

How does sage pay process my payment?

You select the goods you wish to purchase from our website and enter your order and delivery details.

Your payment card details are captured securely by Sage Pay.

You will be prompted to enter your Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code password on your card issuer's page (optional).

The merchant bank sends the payment card details to your card issuer who authorises or declines the transaction.

The merchant bank then sends the transaction results back to Sage Pay.

Sage Pay sends the authorisation results to you and to confirm the results of the transaction.

Cooling off period

Cooling off periods apply to all orders from Cooling off periods are in place for cases where a customer purchased a product by mistake or changed their mind and wishes to cancel before using the product.

The cooling off period applies from the day after delivery of products.

Faulty products

In the unlikely event that you encounter a fault with any docrafts product you can get an exchange by returning the product (together with the receipt) to the store you purchased it from. As a distributer to trade, we are unable to deal with individual product issues directly.

Please note there is no shop front or customer facing facilities available at our warehouse. For health and safety reasons, please do not attempt to hand deliver returns.


Where can I get advice on product usage?

There is a vast amount of tips, techniques and guidelines across our website. Or you can drop in on one of the many docrafts Events in stores to get hands on with the products and learn from our experienced demonstrators. Find events near you.

Xcut Guarantee

Here at docrafts we take quality control very seriously and therefore guarantee our Xcut products. Click here for more details.

Can I use your products with food?

Take a look at our Little Venice Cake Company range of products for everything you need for baking and cake decorating. Our other crafting products have not been developed for use with food products therefore we cannot recommend using them in this way. They may not meet the strict regulations governing materials for products designed for use with edibles.

Are docrafts products non-toxic and safe for use for children?

All our products will be clearly labelled on the packaging if they have been certified non-toxic. If this information is not stated on the packaging then the product is not suitable for this use.

docrafts Digital Designer

The docrafts Digital Designer™ software is supplied with all the docrafts Digital Designer™ discs and is also available to download FREE from docrafts Digital Designer™ dedicated support website. The docrafts Digital Designer™ support website offers FAQs and troubleshooting plus video tutorials and access to the latest updates.

Licensing queries

For information relating to the use of docrafts products and services please refer to our Angel Policy.

Can I read Creativity Magazine online?

docrafts Club members have access to past copies of the Creativity Magazine online.  If you would like to sign up, click here.

Can I download the Xpress Machine Manual?


You can now find the instructions and cutting matrix/guide for the Xcut Xpress in the Downloads section should you misplace your hard-copy of the instructions.

There are also some instruction videos on our docrafts youtube channel and in the videos section on our website.

My Xcut Xpress Machine cutting mat is distorted

Bowing/curving of the plates is a natural occurrence and is a result of running the plates through a series of metal rollers under pressure. The Xcut Xpress machine has undergone rigorous testing inspecting all areas of operation – including the distortion of the cutting plates.

As part of our product development process we have researched, tested and reviewed a great number of different materials for the plates and have found that the current material gives the best result. Due to the nature of the die cutting process the plates have to be of a material, that whilst strong, have a certain amount of flexibility. If a more rigid material is used there is a risk of the plate shattering under pressure.

We have also run like-for-like tests against other plates and on the market to ensure we provide the best result we can. As a result, we have found that the plates bow at a similar rate. The size of the plate also has an effect as with a larger the plate the bowing effect appears more noticeable.

While developing the Xpress Machine we have tried to take into account all variables but there are a number of factors that will affect the bowing in different ways such as materials used, types of dies, pressure and frequency.

Top tip:  To reduce the amount of distortion on the cutting plates simply turn them over each time you use it, which will essentially reverse the direction of the previous run through and even out the distribution of pressure, this technique should extend the life of the plates.

The plates will bend slightly with each use (even when new) and this is stated in our advice section within the product information contained in the box. The degree of distortion and how quickly it occurs will vary by how much a person uses their machine, and what type of project it is used for. Due to these varying factors we cannot give a concise time for replacement of plates – this will vary by individual. Turning the plates over with each use does make a big difference and slows the rate of distortion.
Replacement plates are available to purchase from docrafts stockists.

Using soft mats with the Xcut Xpress Machine

We do not currently supply a soft plate with the Xcut Xpress machine as we do not have any dies within the Xcut range which require one. If you have other branded dies which require one you can use the compatible mat for those dies together with the Xpress machine, or alternatively you could try adding additional sheets of paper, fabric or felt to create a soft layer.

We may consider developing a soft mat in future so watch this space!

The main benefit that makes the Xpress machine so different from others on the market is the versatility achieved through the adjustable gauge settings for the rollers; meaning you can adjust the pressure to minute degrees to get perfect results with wafer thin dies, right up to the thick ones, of almost any type/brand, so you can use your dies and embossing folders you already own. 

There are some instruction videos on our docrafts youtube channel and in the videos section on our website.

Advice for using Xcut score and cut dies

As with all dies the results can vary depending on the material used and the pressure applied. The cut and score dies are intended to be used with 230gsm board, as a minimum weight. This is so enough stability can be provided for a gift bag/box/decoration, but also for the functionality of the die. If the material is too thin then the scoring elements of the die will actually cut instead of score. 

Based on the above recommendations the dies should work well in the Xpress machine and other brands which have adjustable pressure settings. We have also tried it on a Spellbinders machine and a Big Shot successfully. Other machines without adjustable pressure settings may or may not be successful, as with all Xcut products - we cannot guarantee the compatibility/results with other branded machines. If too much pressure is applie,d the scoring part of the die will be forced down too far and cut.

Xcut Glass Cutting Mat


The Xcut glass cutting mat is designed to protect work surfaces and allows any blade to glide easily through card or paper without dragging over the surface. Some scratches and marks are to be expected, especially when using a sharp blade or cutter.

How do I use docrafts Artiste Crackle Glaze

We have created a video tutorial with technique know how and top tips for how to use the Artiste Crackle Glaze. Click here to view.

Can cards go through inkjet printers?

Unfortunately we are unable to answer this question in any detail as the result would depend on what type of printer you have and whether or not you can adjust it to take card and of a particular size. Again, whether or not the ink would take and dry ok on the card would be down to trial and error.

Can I get spare blades for the Xcut SuperTrimmer?

The Xcut SuperTrimmer is now discontinued and we are no longer working with the manufacturer therefore we are unable to supply replacement blades. Colemans supply replacement blades by Tonic. Whilst they are not one of our own products, they are fully compatible with the Xcut SuperTrimmer.

Nesting Boxes Individual Measurements

Due to the material used to create these products, the measurements may vary slightly from pack to pack so the above should be used only as a ballpark figure.

Rectangle boxes: PMA 1742201
Approximate dimensions (width x depth x height)
Large: 17.5cm x 12.5cm x 7.8cm
Mid: 15cm x 10cm x 6.4cm
Small: 12cm x 7.5cm x 5.3cm

Round boxes: PMA 1742202
Approximate dimensions (width x height)
Large: 15.3cm x 7.8cm
Mid: 12.8cm x 6.5cm
Small: 10.3cm x 5.2cm

Ask the Community

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Licensing questions?

For information relating to the use of docrafts products and services please refer to our Angel Policy

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