Yummy Bunny!

Posted by jillpryor, 25 Jun, 2014

Kids and adults alike will go hopping mad for these bunny cakes. I used an 8 x 3” square tin to bake two Madeira cakes from which I cut smaller cakes for each ‘flowerpot’ using circle cutters. My decoration was made using modelling paste, which is firmer than normal sugarpaste and is ideal for sugarcraft modelling. Flower Pots 1 Level the Madeira cake to 3.5cm deep. Cut eight circles with a 6cm circle cutter, and eight using a 7cm cutter. Put a thin layer of buttercream onto each of the 6cm circles and position each one centrally on top of the larger circles. 2 Rest a 5cm cutter centrally on the top of the 6cm circle and trim the cake at an angle from the top cutter down to the bottom cake layer giving a tapered shape. Skim buttercream over the top and the sides. 3 Cover each pot with terracotta coloured sugarpaste, trim, tuck the edges down and flatten. Smooth with a flat smoother and leave to set upside down on a non-stick baking sheet. 4 Cut eight 26 x 2.5 x 5cm strips of terracotta sugarpaste. Attach one around each pot top with the rim about 3 - 4mm higher than the cake top. Smooth the join and leave to set. 5 Use a #195 large open star nozzle to pipe a swirl of brown buttercream on the top of the pot. Use a #233 grass nozzle and green buttercream to pipe rows of grass, using a squeeze, release and pull action. 6 With a #35 star nozzle create a mound of flowers with yellow or dark pink buttercream. Add some leaves using a #69 leaf nozzle with green buttercream, using a squeeze, pull, release action. Use a #3 writer nozzle to pipe orange buttercream dots into the flower centres. Bunny 1 To make the body, flatten the base of a white paste ball and create a well in the top. Make a rounded pyramid shape for the head and secure onto the body. Use the flower leaf shaper tool to create an indent for the ears. 2 Flatten two balls as cheeks with dots for whiskers. Create an arch above each cheek, eyebrows and indents for the eyes. Add a smaller white ball for the mouth, a pink ball for the nose and two black eyes. 3 Mould two balls into ear shapes and make an indent down the centre. Roll a thin, pink cylinder and glue into each indent. Flatten the ears, glue into position and bend over one tip. 4 To make the front paws, shape two white balls into paws. For the indents, roll a flower leaf shaper tool from the bottom of the paw to the top. 5 Shape a large white ball into a bunny bottom and use the ball tool to add a well for each back paw. Mould two balls for the back paws and make indents for the toes. 6 For the pads, flatten one large and three small pink balls into the wells of each paw using a flower leaf shaper tool. 7 Glue the paws on the bottom. Use a #54 nozzle with royal icing to pipe a tail with a squeeze, rotate, squeeze action. Carrots 1 Mould orange paste into a carrot shape, score thin lines around the carrot and create a well in the thick end using the flower leaf shaper tool. 2 Press green paste through a sieve using the rounded end of the ball tool and glue into the well.

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