Whose paws?

Posted by Jackie-J, 04 Aug, 2017

Have some fun with this cute handmade version of a popular kids classic. Switch it up by adding photos of family members… the possibilities are endless!

1. Layer an 8 x 8" square of white funky foam onto kraft cardstock and cover the foam side with a panel of light green cardstock, cut to size. Trim another piece of Kraftstax to 8 x 8" and draw out ten rectangles, using the template.

2. Use a craft knife and a ruler to cut out each flap, ensuring to keep the back edge intact to act as a hinge. Score each flap along the uncut side with an embossing pen. Fold upwards and sharpen with a paper creaser. Use the template again to cover each half of the board, choosing two different colours or patterns of paper to separate the playing areas. Keep the offcuts for later.

3. Attach this panel to the green side of the board base with double-sided tape. Make sure that you fix the tape in the middle as well as around the edges, to keep it firmly anchored. Cut 20 2.5 x 3.5cm pieces of kraft cardstock to fit each flap, so that they’re slightly shorter widthways to allow the flap to open fully.

4. Cover each of the pieces with 9mm foam tape, trimming any overhang for a neat finish. Stick one square to each of the flaps, fixing them flush with the open end. Select your offcuts from before and match each one to its corresponding flap, ensuring that the pattern matches. Fix in place with double-sided tape.

5. Choose ten animals from the Paws for Thought patterned papers and measure and cut each one to size. Attach to the inside of each flap. Repeat for the other side of the board, ensuring that the animals are positioned in different places. Die cut 20 question marks from black cardstock, using the Xcut Script Alphabet Lower Case Large Dies. Glue one question mark to the top of each flap.

6. Cut ten 4 x 5cm kraft pieces and cover each one with the same animal pictures as before. Round the corners. Pick a piece of spot patterned paper and stamp a small question mark in each spot with black pigment ink. Cut the paper into ten 4 x 5cm pieces and round the corners, as before. Fix to the back of each animal card.

Project and how-to instructions by Jackie Jasper. Project originally published in issue (78) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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