White & Gold Bead Necklace

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 11 May, 2016

It’s so simple to create fashionable accessories with a selection of various shaped wooden beads. Craft a truly unique necklace, threading cord through the hand-painted beads to make a pendant you’ll wear time and time again.

1. Pick five or six wooden beads of different shapes and paint them with gold or white Artiste Acrylic Paint (you will probably need several coats for an even coverage). To make painting them easier, you can slide the beads on to a wooden skewer. Lean the skewer safely against a wall to dry to stop them from getting smudged.

2. Cut about 70cm of cord and thread a mix of the white and gold beads on to it. After you have threaded four, feed each cord end back through another bead at the opposite end. Add another bead and feed the cord back through another one to build up a shape. Keep going until you build up a bulk of beads in a shape you like.

3. Hold the cord so that it hangs around your neck and tie it at a length you’re happy with. Just make sure it fits over your head!

Necklace by Laura and Tia of Little Button Diaries. First published in Issue 67 of Creativity Magazine.

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