Waste Plastic Bottles Craft Ideas | Reusing Old Plastic Bottles| Easy Best out of Waste!

Posted by StylEnrich, 26 Mar, 2018

#Plasticbottlecrafts - Desk organizers make your workplace look beautiful. Desk organizers not only help you keep and organize your stuff, but they also enhance the look and beauty of your study table or wherever they are placed. So in this video, we are going to show you how to make one such lovely DIY Desk Organizer, that is made using waste cardboard pipe, plastic bottles, and plaster of paris.

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You will surely love to have this nice utility craft for your house. It looks like a small wooden house. The appearance of wood is achieved by applying the plaster of paris mixture on the outer surface of the craft and painted using acrylic colors.

You can keep your stationary material like pencils, erasers, clips, etc. in it. This recycled craft is the best way to get rid of plastic waste. This is one way of recycling the plastic bottle waste and protecting our environment.

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