Victorian Greetings

Posted by KatieLamb, 15 Jan, 2015

The Victorian Valentines collection brings back the lost romance of a bygone age. Steps 1. Cover a 5x7 blank card with patterned paper. 2. Rub some acrylic white paint around the edges of the card and leave to dry. 3. Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard to fit the centre of the card, leaving at least 1.5cm of the base paper showing. 4. Rub white acrylic paint over the corrugated card and leave to dry. 5. Cut out a Filigree Heart using the Xcut Vintage Notes die and place over the centre of the card. 6. Take a topper from the A4 decoupage kit and build the layers according to the institutions. 7. Place the topper over the heart and add a small sentiment tag to the side. 8. Finish by dotting some punched out hearts around the card .

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