Posted by dragonlady2, 21 Sep, 2019

Sorry everyone, I 've been busy as of late but also I'm having trouble getting onto the site, even the Ooops!! takes for ever to show up. We've had birthdays, and I've had a few commissions, and I'm knitting jumpers again. Also my eldest wants me to do either demos or a card making session at the library where she works, so trying hard to think of a simple but effective design for people to do. There never seems to be enough hours a day, and the trouble getting into the site wasted quite a lot of time and I often felt like throwing the towel in, but am still here and hoping once I log out I can get back in again. I've commented on a lot of cards tonight and have seen most posted on Inspiration over the last few weeks, well done Ladies!. Also I will post a couple of cards whilst I'm here, incase I can't get back in again.

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