Trump Card!

Posted by jillpryor, 29 Dec, 2014

Lay your cards right with these fun cupcakes for a birthday celebration. These playing card cupcakes would look right at home at a Mad Hatter’s tea party. The biscuit toppers are a fun alternative to cake pops and look fabulous placed on the top of cupcakes. The inspiration doesn't end there as there are many more cake makes in your Let's bake magazine cover gift, including more cake cutter ideas!

How to… flood ice the biscuits Prepare a batch of royal icing for piping. Then prepare a second batch of flood consistency royal icing, where more water has been added so the icing flows smoothly off a spoon. Once piped, dry the biscuits overnight on a flat surface. 1. Place a #4 piping nozzle in a piping bag and pipe an outline around the edge of a biscuit.

2. Fill the middle of the biscuit with the flood consistency icing until it fills the shape.

3. Use the pointed end of a veining modelling tool to fill in any gaps then gently shake the biscuit from side to side to achieve a smooth finish.

How to… pipe the lace pattern Pipe a lace pattern on the surface of the biscuits as instructed below. Use royal icing with just a touch of water added to make it easy to pipe. Use black, red or white icing to contrast with each biscuit's base colour. Leave to dry. 4. Using a #1 nozzle, pipe a line down the centre of the biscuit. For neat lines, place the nozzle at the top of the biscuit, apply even pressure to the piping bag then lift and drag the icing along the surface. Touch down at the biscuit bottom.

5. Repeat until the left half of the biscuit has been covered in evenly spaced lines. Pipe the lines as close together as possible making sure the base colour is visible between the lines.

6. Create a cross-hatch effect by piping lines across the biscuit in the opposite direction. To help keep the angle consistent, pipe a line in the middle first, then add lines on either side. 7. Pipe a series of scallops to the right of the biscuit's central line. Add a small dot in the middle of each scallop. Omit the scallops on the spade and club biscuits as the design is too intricate for the small shape. 8. To finish, add a trio of dots at the top of each scallop. For the spade and club biscuits, add the dots to the right of the central line. Leave to dry.

How to… apply the biscuits to sticks For the biscuits which are going to be used as cake toppers, use royal icing to stick a lollipop stick on the back of each biscuit. Leave to dry face down. 9. Turn the topper over and use more royal icing to attach a co-ordinating bow. Leave to dry.

How to… ice the cupcakes Pipe a simple swirl on top of each cupcake using pale pink buttercream and a #2C piping nozzle. Start at the outside edge and work in and upwards to create a dome shape. 10. Carefully insert a topper in the centre of each cake to finish. Place each cupcake in a teacup, place on a saucer and add some of the individual biscuits on the side.

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