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that is the question. I had the opportunity over the weekend to borrow the T.Lace Flexiframe dies . this seems to be the "In" thing in crafting, for those of you who are not familiar with the dies/printing way. you can purchase a TL die/s and you go on TL Artwork and you can download the image/flowers in THEIR colourways, Of course you do need a PRINTER, so having printed whatever out you then use your die to cut them out. As I wasn't keen on their colourways I just cut he dies on white card like you usually do. On the left are the colourways that TL give you. on right are what I have coloured. Whilst I was scribbling away, I asked myself is this what actual crafting has come to? , yes crafting has come along way since we started, from cutting decoupage/images/ready made flowers. But with these TL downloads, unless you colour them yourself, the flowers/whatever are no different to anyone elses, with them being all in the same colours.Can you see where I'm going with this? I dont confess to being brilliant at colouring in, but isn't this what crafting is all about? having ago, looking at the card and thinking I did that and not a Printer! so these pics are of flexi flower frames they are designed to bend round corners, be snipped,etc. there is a poppy as well, but Angie didn't have that one. so, ones on the left are printed and they do look printed, all the same all uniform, and on the right are mine, coloured with Pro Markers ad some I have covered with a sparkle pen. Other than the Daisies and Lillies I haven't a clue what the other flowers are so dont know what colours they should really be!. Well, these are my flowers not TL. so amma Bovvered? me ? nah.

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