Tilly Daydream House

Posted by BeckyJ, 30 Jul, 2013

The Tilly Daydream collection from Papermania is perfect for an array of projects. This miniature house made would make a perfect gift for a little girl.

  1. Using the flower doily punch shape the short ends of each of the paper panels and blend brown ink around the edges. Layer on top of each other, curl up the layers and then attach centrally to the roof. Decorate the centre of the roof with a length of Vintage Notes lace border and add a gem centred punched flower to the front.

  2. To create the door cover the second smallest die cut rectangle with strips of Capsule Festive patterned craft tape before die cutting a small heart window towards the top (save the heart for later use). Place a small piece of embossed acetate and patterned paper behind the shape. Attach the door to the front of the house.

  3. To add the picket fence run two lengths of brown string around the bottom of house from one side of the door to another. Cut off the ends of Craft Planet lollipop sticks, ink and attach around the sides, leaving the brown string showing in between.

  4. Following the steps in the video score the front, back and sides of the house and construct. Add red spotted Capsule Festive patterned craft tape to the corners to add further decoration if required.

  5. Cut six pieces of paper to create the roof tiling. Alternate Tilly Daydream paper and Papermania Capsule Festive A4 polka dot designs. Cut the bottom layer to 6.5x13cm and reduce the length of each subsequent layer by 1cm. Fold in half widthways.

  6. Cut windows from the two smallest rectangular die cuts, paint the frames with Artist Buttermilk Acrylic paint and blend ink across to age. As in step 7 back with embossed acetate and patterned paper to create the windows and add to the side walls of the house.

  7. The house is constructed by using the four smallest size Xcut rectangular dies. From thick card (such as the back of an A4 paper pad) die cut two of the smallest die and one of the next size up – these will form the windows and door. From kraft card die cut two each of the two larger dies.

  8. Die cut two each of the larger sizes from Tilly paper and attach these to the kraft card bases to decorate. Blend chocolate dye ink around the edges.

  9. To decorate the house first place the words “Home” on the front and “Where the heart is” (replacing the word “heart” with the die cut heart saved from step 7) on the back using adhesive letter from the Tilly Daydream Ultimate Die Cut pack.

  10. Die cut the fourth largest Xcut scalloped rectangle, blend chocolate ink around the edges and highlight the scallops with white gel pen. Fold in half to cut the roof and attach to the house walls.

  11. Punch a number of butterflies and flowers. Also stamp a number of Tilly Daydream small leaves and cut these out. Mix these with Petal posies and die cut characters from the Tilly Daydream pack to decorate all sides of the of the building using the photographs for guidance.

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