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Posted by susanmarie1, 12 Jun, 2007

Another piece of journallng I have put off doing for the longest tme. We entered into an access battle wth my husband's ex-wfe almost 7 years ago. She had been having affairs all through the marriage and when they splt up over an affair wth a neighbour,she moved this man in and then systematically destroyed his relationship wth his children When I met my husband,he hadn't seen his children except from a distance for almost 6 months. We regained access for 8 months,and the youngest,pctured here, would cling to him like a limpet all weekend,before crumbling into total heartbreak when we had to take him home.These hugs and tears would sometimes go on for over an hour,whch would result in hs ex-wife screaming at us on hand over about beng a little bit late. It was very stressful for all involved,and the children were also beng punished at home if they mentioned us or expressed a desire to make contact. She was critisised by welfare officers and threatened in countless court cases,the whole thing cost us over £30,000 whilst she got everything on Legal Aid as she didn't declare her new partners income. Bitter? Me?! Eventually we had to concede defeat,she moved several times eventually settling over 250 miles away. She doesn't even provide the photos and school reports ordered in court. My husband can't look at this photo, as on this particular day Tom asked the unanswerable question-'daddy why can't you make this right?' I am trying to gather as much positive stuff as I can,so that in the unlikely case that they should make contact when they are older,they will see that we really love them,miss them and did everything we could to maintain contact.

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