Thread Effect Birthday Card

Posted by emilygrant94, 06 May, 2015

The combination of the Thread Effect download and the Craft Collection pastel trims make a lovely country themed birthday card. Steps: 1. Cut a 10.5x15rectangle from white card. 2. Cut the same from a brown sheet from the Thread Effect download. Stick to the white card. 3. Stick this rectangle onto the right flap of an A6 gatefold card. 4. From the same Thread Effect paper, cut a 5x15cm rectangle and stick on the other flap of the gatefold card. 5. Cut a 15cm length of Craft Collection blue ric-rac. Stick to the inside edge of the left flap of the card. 6. Cut two 15cm lengths of blue bobble trim. Stick to either side of the card. 7. From a blue sheet of the Thread Effect download, use the second largest scallop die. Cut the die cut in half. Stick one half on each flap of the card, with the straight edges facing outwards. 8. Cut two 15cm lengths of blue gingham trim. Stick next to each blue bobble trim. 9. Cut out the embellishment sheet of the Thread Effect download. 10. On a medium brown tag, stick the 'Happy Birthday' sentiment. Stick this on the right flap of the card. Stick two buttons below this. 11. On the left flap, stick a large brown tag. Tie a bow in white jute trim and stick on top. Stick two smaller tags next to this. 12. Make a flower with the 6 circles. Stick on top of the bow with foam dots. 13. Finish with three buttons in the top right.

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