The Jewels in the Crown

Posted by jillpryor, 09 Jan, 2015

How to… make the jewelled cake topper

A gorgeous, bejewelled masterpiece, Jill’s gem of a cake will be the most spectacular centrepiece on any table Glistening like the jewels in a crown, Jill’s beautiful tiered cake, embellished with modelling paste jewels and with cupcakes in attendance, definitely deserves centre stage on any special occasion. Perfect for a wedding or anniversary celebration, why not adapt the design with different red and gold coloured jewels fitting for any Christmas tea table? How to... prepare the cake Bake a 6 x 3" square cake and a 4 x 3" square cake. Cut the 4" cake to 1.5" deep using a serrated palette knife. Cover the cakes with pale grey sugarpaste. Cover an 8" square board with the same sugarpaste and once set, stick the 6" cake to the board. Stack the cakes using dowelling rods and spray with pearl lustre spray. Once set, wrap silver and black ribbon around the base of each cake and the 8" board.

1. Cut twelve 3Ocm lengths of silver beading wire. Thread a bead on the end of one of the wires. Bend the wire end down over the bead and twist around the wire stem below the bead to hold in place.

2. Wind the stem around the tapered handle of a modelling tool two or three times then thread another bead on the wire, twisting the bead to secure. Repeat, adding a different bead or charm, leaving a 6cm straight length at the end of the wire. Remove from the modelling tool. Make twelve beaded wires using different beads and charms.

3. Wind the straight ends of the wire ‘branches’ around each other to create a strong ‘trunk’.

4. Press the trunk into a flower pick and push the pick into a block of sugarpaste to shape the wires. Remove from the sugarpaste and insert the flower pick in the centre of the top cake. Spray five large white sugarpaste balls with pearl lustre spray and place around the base of the tree. How to… make the various brooches Leave the finished brooches to dry on a non-stick icing sheet, then spray with edible pearl lustre spray for a jewelled effect. Individual pearl brooches: Make a selection of 14 pearl brooches measuring O.5cm, O.8cm and 1.5cm.

5. To start, roll a ball of grey modelling paste and make an indent in the centre with a large ball modelling tool to make a grey disc.

6. To create a pearl, roll a ball of white modelling paste to fit the indent and glue in place with sugar glue.

7. Use the pointy end of a flower leaf shaper tool to prick a series of dots around the edge of the disc.

Rosette brooch: Make four 8. Make a grey disc, 1.5cm in diameter, and use the end of the serrated cone tool to create a series of impressions around the top of the disc.

9. Make an indent in the centre of the disc and glue a medium pearl in the hollow.

Flower brooch: Make three 10. Roll six grey balls, O.8cm in diameter. Make an indent in each using the large end of a bone tool.

11. Stick a O.8cm white ball in each indent. Stick the pearls together, using sugar glue, to create a flower shape. Add five O.3cm grey balls in the gaps between the pearls, as shown.

Circle brooch: Make one large and one small 12. Make a 2cm grey disc, indent the centre and make eight smaller indents around the edge, using modelling tools. Stick a grey ball in each indent and indent again. Prick three holes between each disc.

13. Add a 1.5cm white ball to the centre of the disc and eight small white balls around the edge in the indents. Repeat to make one smaller brooch, this time making a 1.5cm grey disc and adding five indents/white balls around the edge.

Square brooch: Make two large and two small 14. To make a large brooch, roll out grey modelling paste to O.5cm deep. Use a 3cm square nesting die to firmly press an indent in the paste. Trim around the square using a sharp knife.

15. Make a O.8cm grey ball and create an indent. Stick centrally on the square. Roll four O.5cm grey balls, add an indent in each and stick on the corners. Prick two holes between the recesses.

16. Add white balls to the indents. Then make two smaller brooches with a smaller die.

How to... decorate the cupcakes 17. Bake mini cupcakes and leave to cool. Use a #4 nozzle and piping bag to pipe rows of pale grey buttercream pearls on top of the cakes, starting from the outside and working in. Spray with pearl lustre spray. Make more brooches and stick one on the centre of each cupcake using buttercream as glue. To make a bow, cut a 30cm length of 3mm silver food safe ribbon and curl the ends with scissors. Stick a bow to the side of each brooch.

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