Stitched Star Gift Box Tutorial

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 02 Apr, 2016

Bare Basics nesting boxes are certainly a favourite among the Creativity team. They are so versatile and perfect for customising. Here we’ve created a beautiful stitched pattern on the top of a square box, making this a practical yet thoughtful gift and storage solution.

1. Cover the outside of the box in two coats of Artiste Acrylic Paints, allowing time to dry fully in between.

2. Lay the star nesting die in the middle of the box lid. Draw round it in pencil.

3. Carefully pierce holes on the pencil lines using a screw hole punch or 4-in-1 embossing pen, about 1cm apart. Add a few evenly spaced holes in the middle of the shape too.

4. Backstitch around your shape with ribbon, then fill in the centre holes with a running stitch.

5. Tie the ends in a knot and trim to finish.

Project and tutorial by Sarah Gane. First published in issue 66 of Creativity magazine.

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