Stacks of Presents

Posted by HollyRoche, 31 Oct, 2007

Jazz up plain cardstock with glitter, sticky ribbon, outline stickers, adhesive stones and sticky ribbon.

  1. Measure 4.5cm from the top of your tall white card and draw a straight line across. Do the same for the bottom of the card.

  2. Apply the adhesive roller to these sections (or tacky glue) and shake over clear holographic glitter. This will pick up and reflect the colours applied later to this card. Shake off any excess glitter.

  3. Line the inner edges of the glittered sections with lilac sticky ribbon.

  4. Cut two equally sized thin strips of lavender pearlescent card (approx 11 x 1.5cm) and glue one either side of your white card, in between the glittered areas. I have actually used the pearlescent envelopes to save cutting up entire cards.

  5. Apply a row of adhesive stones down each pearlescent strip and trim the inside of edge with a straight-line outline sticker.

  6. Stack up your presents using the largest one on the bottom and attaching them to the centre of your card using 3D foam pads.

  7. I have topped the stack with a bird drawn and cut from designer paper but this is an optional step.

  8. Add 'Seasons Greetings' to white card and matt onto purple. Secure this to the top left corner of your card and repeat with 'Merry Chirstmas', attaching it to the bottom right corner of your card.

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