Spooky Sweet

Posted by Scrapthology, 03 Oct, 2014

For a quick and simple decorative piece or gift perfect for ghoulish treats, alter a couple of jars and team with a simple bag decorated with a mummy tag. How spooky sweet can you get! For the mummy bag 1. Take a pre-made sweet bag/box or make a simple bag from your stripy paper. If using a pre-made bag, mat with stripy paper. 2. Cut a piece of black card and a piece of grey card 3” x 4”. Drag a black ink pad lightly over the grey card and then cut into ¼” strips. (Change your panel size according to your tag size required) Ink the edges of the strips. 3. To make the eyes, cut or punch two ½” circles of white card and glue them centrally to the black card. Top with two black gems or draw two black dots for the pupils. 4. Glue the grey strips in an overlapping pattern to resemble bandages with the ‘eyes’ peeking between. 5. Use a label die, I used the parenthesis die, or hand cut the panel to shape and glue to the bag/box front. Glue a plastic spider to the corner of the tag and secure your bag/box with a ribbon tie. For the sweet jars 1. Take two glass jars. Cut a band of orange/black stripy paper to fit around each jar and glue in place with the ends at the front of the jar. 2. Cut a scalloped circle from orange spider web paper and glue to the top of each jar. Cut two small tags from black card and top with a strip of stripy paper and a punched circle of bat paper. Glue on a plastic spider, punch a hole in the top and attach to the jar neck with ribbon. 3. On the second jar, glue the tag to the jar lid. Glue another spider to the jar top slightly off centre. Die cut a parenthesis from black card and glue to the front of each jar covering the strip ends. Die cut a smaller parenthesis from purple web paper and glue to the centre of the black card die cut. 4. Print your jar labels, I used a free font called Blackadder, and die cut using the smallest parenthesis die. Glue your labels to the centre of the purple web parenthesis. 5. Add spiders to the jar bands and the neck of the taller jar. 6. Fill with spooky sweets. Mmmm brains and eyeballs!

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