Shabby Chic Dreamcatcher

Posted by CarlyS, 05 Dec, 2013

This special dreamcatcher would make a thoughtful gift idea - perfect for a special friend or relative or just as a gift to yourself1

  1. To weave the second row: Take the end of the twine and weave it under the loop created between the first and second slipknot. Pull the twine tight and make a slipknot in the middle of this loop. Continue this method of making slipknots in the middle of each previous loop, made on the first row.

  2. Proceed in weaving a further two rows, secure and leave the excess twine attached for later.

  3. For the interior section of the dream catcher, cut around the largest circle shape from a piece of Vintage Notes filigree paper. Using the white side as the front, carefully weave the excess twine from Step 3 into the little heart shapes. Secure the twine and cut.

  4. To decorate the dream catcher, use Cousin Monofilament Thread to attach a selection of shell buttons and glass beads. Carefully glue some skeleton leaves to the interior area and finish with white feathers on either side of the hoop.

  5. To make the hanging decoration, tie strips of lace, satin ribbon, twine and cord to the base of the hoop. Try knotting and braiding for added thickness and texture and attach beads and buttons for extra detail.

  6. Make a mini dream catcher using the methods mentioned in steps 1-3. This time use a metal bracelet for the circular base and a crocheted flower for the interior section. Attach the mini dream catcher amongst the hanging decorations.

  7. For the main structure of the dream catcher, remove the metal circular base from a medium sized lampshade and wrap Papermania Brown String tightly around the hoop, securing with a knot.

  8. Use baker’s twine from the Capsule Spots & Stripes Pastels range to weave a decorative web. To weave the first row: Cut a generous amount of twine and using the end, secure a slipknot to the hoop. Working clockwise, pull the twine tight and make a slip knot a couple of inches from the first one. Continue tying slipknots spaced equal distance around the hoop.

  9. Top Tip: Don’t glue… tie! Simply undo the decorative lace and ribbons and instantly update your dream catcher with something new!

  10. Attach a thicker piece of lace to the top of the dream catcher ready to hang.

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