Ribbon Storage Box

Posted by SheilaHalliwell, 07 Jun, 2013

This ribbon storage box is perfect to help tidy up your craft area. Or you could fill it with a selection of ribbons and give as a gift!

  1. Place a strip of fabric paper around the notches of the lid to secure.

  2. Cut a rectangular aperture from a piece of Papermania card blank packaging. Fix a piece of acetate over the aperture to form a window.

  3. Cut a piece of fabric paper slightly longer than the rectangle and cut the same aperture from the centre of it.

  4. Lift the backing sheet from the fabric paper and cut a slit below and above the aperture. Fold back the adhesive sheet and attach it in to place lining up the apertures. Press firmly in to place.

  5. Cut notches around the edges of both circles. Fold the notches down and add tape to hold them in place. Attach one to the bottom of the tube then glue a strip of felt over the top. Tie a length of ribbon around the base and finish with a bow.

  6. Roll the cardboard around a glass to form a tubular shape. Stick it together with the overhanging strip of fabric paper. Add a strip of double-sided tape for added security if required.

  7. Die cut two circles from card and using smaller circle dies as templates, draw around them in the centre of the circles.

  8. Cut two small circles from fabric paper and stick one to the bottom of the tube.

  9. Use the second circle to form the lid. Pierce a hole through the centre.

  10. Use a large Spiro circle die with felt. Make a hole in the centre then fix it to the top of the lid. Add a large bloomer. Now make a hole in the fabric paper circle and stick it inside the lid.. Thread ribbon through all the holes and knot at the top and bottom.

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