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Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 22 Feb, 2018

Odds are you’ve probably seen one of these amazing creations on the high street, but we bet you didn’t know they’re a doodle to create?! Sliceforms, as they’re better known, are an incredibly effective way of creating 3D objects out of any flat material. They can be as big, small, complicated, or as easy as you like. For our very first attempt we decided to keep things clean and simple, opting for a bright and colourful background to complement our white four-legged friend.

1. Transfer the templates for the rabbit onto white textured cardstock, and cut out using a sharp pair of scissors. A craft knife will come in handy when it comes to cutting the slits on the templates. If, like us, cutting a perfect circle freehand is a skill you’re yet to master, use the smallest Xcut palm punch for the eyes.

2. To create the plaque, once again transfer the template, this time onto your preferred colour of colossal cardstock, as well as Craft Planet Funky Foam and kraft cardstock. When layered together this will create a nice stable base to attach the rabbit structure to. Use tacky glue to secure the layers together to form a sandwich, with the foam positioned in the middle.

3. Adhere the nose and eyes in place on the relevant sections with 3D foam pads. Score and fold along the dashed lines on both back edges of the rabbit template. Fix centrally to the coloured side of the plaque using tacky glue. Allow the glue to ‘set’ for a few seconds before securing the rabbit in place, again using the dashed lines on the template as a guide. Once dry and stable, slot all the remaining sections of the rabbit together, referring to the template to match the numbered slits with the various cut pieces.

4. To create the blooms that adorn the edge of the plaque, die cut 42 orange flowers using the smallest piece in the petal posy decorative die set. Apply 3D clear gloss to half of the flowers, and leave to set for at least four hours. Each flower is constructed in the same way; half with the gloss layer forming the base of the flower and then the remainder with the glossed flower on top. Complete each flower with a small centre die cut from complementary yellow cardstock.

5. Run a line of tacky glue around the top and sides of the plaque, then add the flowers. Once the glue has set, hang your bunny rabbit in pride of place in your home.

Project and how-to instructions by Jennie Nicell. Project originally published in issue 83 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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