Quilled love birds

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 24 Mar, 2016

Take your quilling to the next level with these delightful three-dimensional love birds. They make great project for whiling away a couple of hours with some much-needed crafting time.

1. Take five even strips and loop one at the end to form a small '0' shape, leaving the other end of the strip horizontal. Once looped, glue each strip at the base before proceeding to the next. Each subsequent strip should be looped around the previous, increasing in size.

2. Take one small strip for the outer head and a smaller strip for the bird's face. Loop both strips to form an '0' shape and glue the smaller '0' inside the larger. Use strips of paper in contrasting colours for these — it'll help to differentiate between the head and details of the face.

3. Quill two circles and pinch one end into a teardrop shape to form the feet. Quill three strips very tightly for the bird's eye and legs. To create a triangle shape for the beak, fold a strip of paper into three and glue to secure. Stick this onto the front of the bird's head.

4. Spiral the end of each strip around the quilling tool to form the bird's tail. Unwind the spiral slightly by using the sharp end of the needle tool and pulling outwards. Attach the head, features and limbs to the body with glue to finish.

Project and how-to instructions by Jessica Janiak. Make sure to pick up your copy online or in your local craft store. Alternatively, why not subscribe by clicking on the link in the sidebar? We'd love to see your makes. Share your projects with us on Facebook or hashtag your project on Twitter or Instagram with #docrafts.

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