Quilled Birthday Balloon Card Tutorial

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 24 Mar, 2016

If you've got a birthday coming up, this super-simple quilled balloon card could be the answer. Created using a small handful of product, it's a great beginner project if you're just starting out on your quilling adventure.

1. Cut even strips of paper in various colours and individually wind around the quilling tool. Glue the tip of the paper, securing it in a circular shape. Pinch one end of the circle to form an oval.

2. Trim even strips in co-ordinating colours to the balloons. Fold a small strip of paper in a concertina style and glue onto the pinched end of the balloons. Glue a strip of paper onto the bottom to make balloon strings.

3. Add a spot of glue at the base of the balloon and, using the pointed end of the quilling tool, pull the oval centre to the bottom of the balloon shape. 4. Finish off with a bow at the base of the strings.

Project and how-to instructions by Jessica Janiak, originally published in issue 66 of Creativity magazine. Make sure to pick up your copy online or in your local craft store. Alternatively, why not subscribe by clicking on the link in the sidebar? 

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