Pyrography chopping board

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 22 Sep, 2017

Us creatives are pretty good at spotting the beauty in the everyday. Inject a little imagination into your ordinary objects around the home, and learn a new skill along the way! Pyrography, or wood burning, is the art of embellishing wood with heat, resulting in beautifully-rustic creations. Craft a gorgeous nature-inspired wooden chopping board, with the Weller Pyrography Iron Woodburning Kit and our ready-to-use template. It’s designed to fit a board measuring 38 x 27cm, though you can change the scale to fit any size. Practise beforehand on a scrap piece of wood, applying different levels of pressure to adapt the shades. The kit comes with several different nibs to enable a variety of effects, so pick which ones work for your design. The more you practise, the smoother you’ll be!

1. Download and print the design on the template provided and trace over it with a pencil. Turn the page over, lay it on the board and trace back over to transfer the lines onto the wood.

2. Allow the woodburning tool to heat up for a few minutes and follow the lines to burn your pattern into the wood. Use different tips for different flowers. The dot tip works well for thinner lines, whereas the shading tip is great for filling in areas. The football-shaped branding tip is perfect for burning little flower shapes in just one motion. To create long lines like the stems, apply a medium pressure with a steady hand, and draw in one sweeping motion at a medium speed. Draw the outlines first and shade in a circular motion until you're happy!

Project and how-to instructions by Fliss French. Project origionally published in issue 83 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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