Planner Tutorial | Folk Floral

Posted by emilygrant94, 14 Aug, 2015

This cute desk planner lets you organize blog posts, deadlines and other commitments. The pages are tacked on so it can be used year after year! Steps: 1. Cut 6 A5 pieces from cardboard. 2. Cover each in a deco sheet using PVA glue. 3. Using a skewer, make two holes in each, 1.5cm from the top. The two holes should be 14cm apart. 4. Cut out 12 14x19cm rectangles from Folk Floral papers. Stick one to each side of the boards. 5. Print out 12 blank calendar pages (save one from Google images), print 2 to an A4 sheet. 6. Fill in the numbers for each month and note down what month each sheet is for. 7. Use blu-tack to stick the pages to the boards. 8. Die cut months, stick to the boards and decorate. 9. Tie brown string through the punched holes and tie with a bow.

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