Pine Cone Christmas Tree Tutorial

Posted by Amy_Surey, 11 Dec, 2015

Pine cones are perfect for Christmas crafts as they have a naturally beautiful rustic charm. Make a mini pine cone Christmas tree to adorn your home this year. This tutorial was originally published in Issue 63 of docrafts Creativity Magazine.

1. Wash the pine cones first by soaking them for 30 minutes in warm water mixed with half a cup of vinegar then leave them to dry on layers of newspaper. Once fully open they are dry and ready to use.

2. Pick a large, evenly shaped pine cone and paint with green acrylic paint.

3. Decorate the tips with red Anita’s gems to look like baubles.

4. Make the base from a polystyrene ball, trimming the top and bottom to create flat edges. Paint the ball red and decorate with Pocket Full of Posies crochet trim and a red bow.

5. Adhere the pine cone to the top of the polystyrene base with a hot glue gun and top the tree with a silver bead from a Create Christmas Bead and Ribbon Pack.

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