Picnic basket card

Posted by APassionforPaper, 07 Dec, 2017

Picnics are an integral part of our summer plans; eating the sweetest of treats and sunbathing on a blanket! This sun-ready greeting is not only a card, but is also an extra-special gift for exciting events or ‘just because’. Pop a wrapped cookie (homemade or shop bought... the choice is yours!) into a clever woven kraft basket, and adorn with an adorable stamped tag. If you’re looking to practise your paper weaving, this is the project to do so!

1. Round the corners of a 6 x 6" card blank with an Xcut corner punch. Cover the front with green cardstock, trimming to size if necessary. Ink the edges with a green pigment ink pad. To create the blanket, trim a piece of pink cardstock to a 6" square. Position in a diamond shape and mark where it needs to be cut to fit on the card. Trim to size; a paper trimmer or craft knife and ruler are ideal. Gently ink the edges with a pink pigment ink pad to add depth. Round all three corners.

2. Flip the piece over and score with an embossing pen at 1.5cm intervals, in both directions. This will create a raised grid on the right side of the cardstock panel. Once again, use a pink pigment ink pad to lightly shade the raised design. Once completely dry, stick to the card front, making sure to match up the rounded bottom corners.

3. Cut a piece of kraft cardstock to measure 8 x 18cm. Score at 1cm and 2cm along the length, turn 90° and score at 6cm and 12cm across the width. Score more lines at 2cm, 4cm, 14cm and 16cm, up to meet the first horizontal score line. Cut the middle section into a triangle, as shown in Step 3. Cut up each vertical score line, and create tabs along the top. Crease each score line.

4. Start to shape the basket, gluing the 2cm strips into the back of the central triangle with Anita's Tacky Glue. Trim where necessary.

5. Cut more kraft cardstock into 0.5cm strips and weave in and out of one another until the woven piece is large enough to cover the front and sides of the basket shape. Glue to the basket front and begin to trim wherever necessary to make a neat finish. Wrap around the sides.

6. Cut two 1 x 13cm handles and shape as shown. Ink the edges and attach one to the front with brads, and the other to the card front. Trim a strip of vellum to 2.5 x 29.5cm and fold in half lengthways. Open up and pleat unevenly until it matches the width of the basket. Apply double- sided tape to one half and stick to the inside of the basket. Fix in place on the blanket.

7. Die cut two tags, one slightly larger than the other, and mat together. Stamp your sentiment with a pigment ink pad and stick a die- cut heart to the top. Trim a 20cm length of twine, thread through the tag and tie around the handle of the basket in a bow, trimming away any excess. To finish, decorate the grass with palm-punched and die-cut flowers, and heat-embossed butterflies.

Project and how-to instructions by Julie Hole. Project originally published in issue 83 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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