Personalised Picnicware

Posted by CamilaB, 02 Aug, 2017

Sit amongst the grass and lose yourself in a moment of friends, family and good food! Pretty napkins and personalised glasses will ensure that you’re all set for a sweet summer outing, with all the trimmings.

Decorated glassware

1. Start by sketching out three different quotes; choose a font or make your own. Different fonts require different pens, so drawing it out first helps you to learn how to use each one. Practise several different patterns to complement the text. Once happy with your sketches, transfer these to your glasses. Go completely freehand or trim your sketched design and place inside the glass as a guide.

2. Start with the calligraphy, and use the Marabu Brilliant Painter Calligraphy pen, which enables different thicknesses. Leave it to dry for around ten minutes and move onto the patterns. We used the Marabu Brilliant Painter Deluxe Assortment, as the 1-2mm tips provide you with a consistent finish for the lines. Leave to air dry and bake for 30 minutes at 160°C to set.

Painted napkins

1. Cut a piece of plain white cotton to measure 20cm square (you could make these any size). Transfer the template onto a sheet of adhesive paper – we’re big fans of the Xcut Xtras chalkboard sheets. Cut out the pattern with a craft knife and peel off the backing. Adhere on the edge or centre of your fabric, depending on whether you want the entire napkin patterned.

2. Paint through the gaps with Amber, Caribbean and Light Grey Marabu Silk paints, dabbing the colour lightly with a blunt bristled paintbrush. Leave to dry and remove the stencil. Fold the edges over and pin in place before hemming with a neat white stitch. Repeat to create as many napkins as you desire.

Picnic bags

1. Snip off the handles of a Bare Basics kraft gift bag, as close to the insides as possible. Fold the top over by about 5cm and crease firmly with an Xcut paper creaser. This will help you out for the next step. 

2. Die cut a tag with holes either end. If the die doesn’t cut these holes, create them yourself with a screw hole punch. Place in the centre of the folded top and mark lightly through the holes. 

3. Position the bag on a cutting mat and punch through the marked holes, through all four layers of paper. Make a loop through a tag with natural jute and tie to the front of your picnic bag with a bow.

Cutlery wraps

1. To make a kraft cutlery wrap, transfer the template onto an A4 sheet of Kraftstax. Score the dotted lines using a metal ruler and an embossing pen, and cut around the shape, ensuring that the lines are neat. Curve the top two corners with an Xcut corner punch. Fold the two scored tabs and adhere into shape with double-sided tape, pressing until firmly fixed. If you wanted an even more secure finish, use Anita's Tacky Glue or a glue gun.

2. Start decorating your wraps by attaching craft tape across the front. You can wrap this all the way around or stick it to just the front, if you want to save more for another project! Adhere two strips of tape, in two different designs, leaving a small gap in between. Trim a strip of patterned Elements Wood vellum to measure 5.5 x 21cm and wrap around the cardstock, overlapping the ends to stick in place. Wrap a strip of natural jute around it several times and tie in a bow. 

3. Make a small tag for each cutlery wrap, to add a name or a sentiment. Pick a tag die from the gift tag set that will fit the message you’d like to stamp, and cut as many as you require. Stamp a name on each tag and heat emboss in co-ordinating colours. The black and seafoam white powders will both stand out against the coloured cardstock perfectly. Die cut a few leaves or sprigs from metal-effect sheets and attach to the tags for extra decoration. To finish, loop each one onto the length of jute. 

Project and how-to instructions by Andreia Varela, Lorna Slessor and Camila Bertolini. Project originally featured in the issue (83) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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