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Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 17 Nov, 2017

We’re forever in awe of papercutters who transform the simplest sheets of parchment into intricate, lacy designs. The age-old craft has been around for centuries, maintaining the same process and tools as the times have changed. We’ve combined the clever technique with one of our favourite decades; the 20s, with a super-shiny, geometric style and a plethora of contrasting materials. Simply use our papercut template and this design could be all yours!

1. Print or photocopy the template and position in the centre of a gold metal-effect sheet,placed shiny-side-down. Use an embossing pen to trace the pattern, pressing firmly so that the lines are indented in the backing of the adhesive sheet (or cut all the details out from the template and draw around the shape). Take the template away once you can see the design clearly. Draw two lines coming out from either end with a ruler, until each one reaches the edge of the sheet.

2. If you wish to, go over the indented lines with a pencil. Cut around the outline, using a metal ruler and a craft knife to create straight edges. Neatly snip the rest of the shapes until your whole design is cut out. Punch the two circles with a screw hole punch and put to one side.

3. Position a sheet of plain vellum landscape and score down the left-hand side, 1cm in. Fold the right-hand edge inwards until it meets the score line. Fold and crease sharply. Open up and position portrait. Score down the left-hand side, once again 1cm in. Fold both scored edges inwards and run a strip of double-sided tape down each. Fold the sheet in half again and adhere at the sides to form an envelope.

4. Peel the sticky backing off the gold papercut and fix firmly down the centre of your vellum envelope. Use a large circle palm punch to create a semicircle at the top. Snip the top corners at an angle, using your ruler and craft knife.

5. Cut a piece of kraft cardstock and another two pieces of Forever Friends Opulent paper to measure 13 x 17cm. Mount the patterned paper either side of the kraft, to add stability. Trim a sheet of dark blue cardstock to 10 x 14.5cm, and cut the corners diagonally, as you did with the envelope.

6. Use the Xcut Art Deco Alphabet Dies to cut the words ‘Pop’, ‘Fizz’ and ‘Clink’ from another gold metal-effect sheet. Adhere in the centre of the blue panel and glue on the invite. Repeat with another panel on the back to write your event details and slip in your envelope to finish!

Project and how-to instructions by Lorna Slessor. Project originally published in issue 81 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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