Papercraft Curly Wreath Tutorial

Posted by BeckyJ, 02 Dec, 2015

Follow this short tutorial to make a stunning curly paper Christmas wreath. This project and tutorial was originally published in docrafts Creativity Magazine Issue 63.

How to make the Wreath base

1. Using a circle cutter, cut a 22cm diameter circle on strong card. Cut a 13cm diameter circle aperture in the centre to make the base. Cut five Craft Planet 4.5cm polystyrene balls in half and glue around the card base using a cool melt glue gun.

2. Wrap 4cm wide strips of Bare Basics hessian around the base, over the polystyrene balls. Add a loop of ribbon for hanging to the top point.

A Curly Wreath

1. Cut six different sheets of 12 x 12" Folk Christmas papers into roughly 1cm wide strips. Using a bone folder, curl the strips as if curling ribbon.

2. Adhere the curled strips close to each other on the base, changing the direction of the curls.

TIP The double-sided papers are ideal for this as the colours inside the curls are visible.

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