Pandoras Box

Posted by jillpryor, 24 Jun, 2014

Bake this biscuit box for a friend by following my easy steps – even a novice can master this fun baking project with a little patience. Bake six 12cm square biscuits for the box and whilst warm, use a square cardboard template and a knife to trim back into shape. Bake a selection of biscuits for inside, creating the mini ones by cutting the dough with the base of a large nozzle. Sides 1 Pop a #4 nozzle into your piping bag and fill with ‘flood’ consistency deep blue royal icing. Pipe an outline around the edge of the biscuit then fill in. Gently move the biscuit from side to side to fill in the gaps and achieve a smooth finish. 2 Once dry, use the tip of a *****tail stick to lightly score the shapes of your butterfly wings and petals as a template for piping. TIP: Royal icing will always dry a slightly darker colour, so bear this in mind when mixing your colours. 3 Fill a piping bag with a #1 nozzle and white royal icing. You can add more icing sugar into your mix if you make the icing too runny. Starting with the butterflies, pipe one wing using a zigzag motion. 4 Dip a flat food brush into water and dab off the excess. Using the side of your brush, dip it halfway into the piped line and drag downwards. The aim is to leave the outer edge of the piped icing line unbroken. 5 Once all the wings are piped and ‘embroidered’, pipe the butterflies’ bodies and antennae. TIP: To ensure a neat finish, make sure all your brush embroidery is complete before piping this detail. 6 Pipe the final detail and repeat these techniques to create the flowers and leaves. Leave to dry. You will need to repeat this process on all six of your biscuit squares, leaving one plain blue for the base.

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