Paisley Greeting Card Tutorial

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 21 Mar, 2016

There are many different ways to incorporate a pretty paisley into a card design. This project utilises several techniques to demonstrate how layering can create an impact with a bit of imagination.

1. Take some white A4 cardstock and cut it down to 14.5cm width. Fold the outer edges towards the centre of the card so that they meet, creating a gatefold card base.

2. For the outer design, cut a piece of white cardstock and a Papermania Papier Patch Blue Paisley Deco Sheet to measure 14.5 x 14.5cm. Adhere the paisley deco sheet on top of the cardstock using diluted Anita’s Tacky Glue. Once dry, cut the square in half to create two equal rectangles. Fix the rectangles to the outside of the card blank with double-sided tape. Remember to sandwich approximately 15cm of Folk Flower ribbon inside each of the centre edges to create a pretty tie at the front of the card.

3. To create the butterfl y die, cut two large paisley shapes and two smaller paisley shapes out of textured cardstock in a contrasting colour to the deco sheets. Position the paisley shapes into a butterfl y silhouette with the larger paisley at the top and the smaller paisley at the bottom. Secure them in place with watered down Anita’s glue.

4. It is always a nice idea to make the inside of a gatefold card as special as the outside, as it creates a nice surprise for the lucky recipient! This card’s paisley interior is created through heat embossing a paisley stamp on bright pink cardstock. Cut a 14.5 x 14.5cm square out of textured cardstock and, using Artiste clear ink, stamp the A5 paisley background. Sprinkle some Papermania Silver Embossing Powder across the printed design and shake off any excess. Using a heat gun, dry the powder to the ink. Leave to cool for two minutes and then adhere to the inside of the card with double-sided tape.

5. To ensure there is somewhere to leave your message inside the card, create a topper using the Xcut Butterfl y Nesting Dies. Die cut a large butterfly in pale blue textured card to match the outer paisley butterfly. Stick this centrally to the inside of the card using double-sided foam pads.

6. Add a further topper inside the card from the Folk Floral range and decorate with a Folk Floral ribbon. The butterfly wings can be decorated with smaller shapes from the paisley dies in the pink cardstock.

7. To finish the card on the outside, add a tag. Mount it on some pink cardstock for a narrow border. Punch a small hole through the tag and thread it on to one of the ties before tying a neat central bow.

Card and tutorial by Amy Surey. Originally published in Issue 66 of Creativity magazine.

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