New wildlife pond - work in progress

Posted by Kirsty71, 12 May, 2017

Have not been crafting much over the last few weekends has have been making a new wildlife pond. We have decided to get rid of our lawn as all the local cats use it as a toilet! After trying years of every kind of deterrent and as our lawn mower is on it's last legs we decided to get rid of the lawn and make a pond. The fist picture is when I had just put the pond plants in and we were waiting for rain as we had pinched rain water to fill it up from all of the neighbours water butts and it still wasn't full. Since this picture we have had rain and it is fuller. We also have further deliveries of slate chippings to come to cover the rest of the old lawn. The second picture shows it being dug out.

Our old lawn and the start of the pond.

With liner in and pebble beach

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