Mini gift box

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 10 Mar, 2017

Perfect for containing those small little gifts you just cannot wait to give your loved ones, this one-of-a-kind cute container is excellent for housing a mini cacti, succulent or even some sweet treats.

1. Die cut the house from an A4 sheet of kraft cardstock. Position two large window dies on the front of the house with craft tape and run back through the Xcut Xpress. Trim two pieces of kraft cardstock to 7 x 7cm to form the roof panels. Cut 1.5cm wide strips from olive green cardstock and use a craft knife to make slits along the strip, every 1cm. Snip into 8cm lengths and secure to the roof panels with double-sided tape, making sure to overlap each strip. Trim any overhanging ends.

2. Cut three trees from Xcut pearlised sheets (we opted for the slightly textured ones), using the Xcut Family Tree Dies. Remove the adhesive backing and stick each to the main body of the house. Trim away any excess branches from around the edges and the window apertures. Secure acetate over the windows on the inside of the box and attach the roof panels, using doublesided tape for both.

3. Die cut a green awning from the Deco Design die set and stick to the front of the house, just above the bottom window. Stamp a ‘Just for you’ shop sign and add metal brads at either end. Secure with a strip of 3D foam tape.

4. Cut another piece of kraft cardstock to a 7cm square; this will form the base of the box. Run double-sided tape around three of the edges and secure the house to the base, making sure the back fl ap is positioned on the un-taped side. Add magnetic tape to the tab and corresponding edge inside the box. Complete by adding die-cut birds to some of the branches with more 3D foam.

This project co-ordinates with a notelet that you are able to find here.

Project and how-to instructions by Aisha Green. Project originally published in the December issue (77) of docrafts Creativity magazine. 

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