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Posted by Scrapthology, 11 Aug, 2015

Do you like a good mystery? Then this is the project for you. A book within a book makes this mini album perfect for those special memories. Steps: 1. Cut two strips 12” x 3”. Score each strip at 2 ½”, 5”, 7 ½” and 10” leaving a 2” section. 2. Cut a 1” x 3” piece of paper and score down the centre from the 1” edge. Taper both ends and fold at the score line. Unfold and apply glue to the front of the ½” flaps. Attach the first panel of each 12” strip to a ½” flap to create a 24” strip with a 2” section at each end. 3. Fold at the score lines in an accordion fold to create your pages. Glue the bottom and open side of each pocket page, leaving the 2” sections free. 4. Cover two pieces of chipboard slightly larger than your pages. Attach the 2” sections to your cover pieces aligning the spine with the edge of the chipboard. Punch half circles at the top centre of each page. Cut tags to fit your pocket pages and embellish the front cover. 5. Take an unloved hardback book and mat the book covers inside and out. Mat the first page on both sides. Add a card panel and die cut key to the front of the first page. 6. Leaving the first page intact cut out the middle section of the rest of the pages leaving a hollow slightly larger than your mini album. I used a craft knife and metal rule to cut in sections, marking with a pencil the next section to keep the size consistent. 7. Cut a piece of card the same size as the book page and score the centre to match the hollowed out section. Cut from the centre point to each corner of the scored section. Apply glue to the back of the card and adhere to the first cut page, pushing the centre down to create a neat edged hollow and securing the book pages to the back cover. Mat with patterned paper in the same way. Cover the bottom of the hollow to hide any untidy edges. 8. Print your book title and die cut using the small long parenthesis die. Heat emboss the edge of the die-cut in gold and adhere to the upper front of the book. Cut a small strip of gold paper ½” wider than your book spine. Mat with a slightly narrower strip of black card. Add a gold XI and adhere to the upper edge of the book spine. 9. Glue the bottom edge of a 1” wide piece of ribbon to the base of the book hollow with the other edge trailing over the back of the book, this allows you to remove the album easily without damaging it. 10. Add photos and journaling to your album and nestle it safely in the book hollow.

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