Memories that last

Posted by KatieLamb, 09 Jul, 2014

Create this memory board using the Capsule collection Eau de Nil range. Take a clipboard and remove the plastic coating with sharp scissors. Take a 2 sheets of 12x12 Eau de nil patterned papers and cover one half of the board with each pattern. Remember to cut around the clip at the top. Paint around the edge of the board with pearl frosted mint and dry with a heat gun, once dry coat with crackle glaze and dry this with a heat gun. It doesn’t matter if it bubbles as it dries as this adds texture. Next paint over the top with Lagoon acrylic paint and dry with a heat gun, this should crack as it dries showing the lighter colour through. You can do the dark colour first and then the lighter colour depending on what effect you want. At the top of the clip board adhere a length of pleated fabric across the top. Decorate with a large button in the centre. Take a reel of bakers twine and wind it around the board loosely a few times and glue into place with a strong adhesive. Paint and distress a wooden shape using the artiste acrylic paints and crackle glaze and thread it through the twine before gluing the end to the back of the board. Stamp out a title using different sets of stamps and wooden scrabble letters. Next take two big blooms and cut in half. Layer the two different styles of flower over each other and adhere to corner of clip board. Finish off the project with shimmer dots and mini pegs to clip your photos and memorabilia to.

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