Make a beautiful Owl Folk album | Tutorial

Posted by Scrapthology, 05 Jun, 2015

Wise up, (yes it’s an owl reference!), to the versatility of card blanks with this mini album. With it’s six large pocket pages and smaller pockets for tags galore, this surprisingly roomy book is a great make for a big story or many, many little ones. Intermediate Project. Step-by-step: 1. Take six square 6” cards. Open flat, face down and score at ½” from each long edge. 2. Score at 1 ½” and 10 ½” down from the long edge. At the 1 ½” score lines, cut to the first intersecting score line (½”) to create a tab. Angle the tab edges and fold the section backwards to create a pocket. 3. Trim away the ½ strip from the top of the two large sections. From the bottom of the large plain section (left side) trim away the ½” strip. 4. On the other large section, angle the edges of the large tab and fold to the back of the card. 5. Apply glue to the large tab and fold the card shut to create the pocket page. Apply glue to the 1 ½” pocket tabs and adhere to create pockets. 6. Repeat for all six cards. Mat small pocket fronts. 7. Create book hinge. Take a strip of card stock 4 ¾” x 11 ¼”. Score from the long edge down at 2”, 2 ½”, 3”, 3 ¼”, 3 ¾”, 4 ¼” 4 ½”, 5”, 5 ½”, 5 ¾”, 6 ¼”, 6 ¾”, 7“, 7 ½“, 8“, 8 ¼“, 8 ¾“, 9 ¼“ leaving a 2“ flap. Fold at the score lines and glue to create four ½ “ flaps with ¼” gaps between, this acts as a book spine. 8. Trim the four ½” flaps at each end to a slight slant, this makes assembling the book easier. 9. Trim two pieces of chipboard or mount board 5 ¼” x 6” for the book covers and one spine piece 2 ¾“ x 6”. 10. Join two pieces of paper to create a piece 15 ¼“ x 8“ wide. Adhere the chipboard pieces, with 6” edges vertical, to the back of the paper with the spine piece in the centre, level with the covers on either side and an 1/8” gap between each chipboard piece. 11. Ease the book shut and open again, ensuring the book closes easily without tearing the cover paper. Trim off the corners of the paper border diagonally approximately 1/8” from the chipboard corners. 12. Apply adhesive along the paper and chipboard edges, smooth up the centre of each corner first and then fold the paper border over the chipboard. Gently push down the paper either side of the spine. 13. Ease the book open and closed a few times to make sure all the edges are glued down. Adhere a co-ordinating paper over the spine and approximately 1 ½” across the front and back cover in the same way to strengthen and add interest. 14. Punch three holes through the chipboard spine and in the same position through the card spine. 15. Adhere the book spine centrally to the inside of the chipboard spine, ensuring the holes align. 16. Adhere the flaps to the book inside covers. 17. Weave ribbon through the spine holes several times and over the top of the spine to create a solid line down the spine centre. Tie at the middle outside of the book spine. Knot charms onto the ribbon ends. 18. Cut and adhere mats to cover the inside book covers. Adhere lace over the spine fold points and continued on the inside of the book to cover the edge of the inside mat, adhesive crochet edging is perfect for this. 19. Punch half circle finger holes in your large pockets if preferred. Apply glue to both sides of the first spine flap and slid on the pocket page. Repeat for all six pages keeping the pages level. Cut tags to fit pockets, the pocket gussets allow you to add little envelopes and folded photo mats as well as loads of pretty tags. 20. Die cut a large card stock long parenthesis and a smaller one from a contrasting tag. Adhere to the front of the book. Assemble the decoupage owl pair using foam pads and adhere to the centre of the labels. 21. Add buttons, gems, charms and die-cuts over a couple of die cut leaf shapes to the lower right of the Large label. Use foam pads to adhere some of the die cuts, to create different levels. Add 3d gloss to the top layer of the owls and a couple of the die cuts. With so much room for photos and stories all that’s left is to organize a lovely day out.

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