Posted by nightowl, 14 Sep, 2007

My own technique... Card was comissioned for someone. 'Pink sparkly girl with a twist' was wanted, so I introduced a complimentry colour that she may not have been expecting. Recipient 'Lisa' was over the moon, and has been keeping the card on show long after her birthday has gone. I love doing 'name cards', they're quite time consuming as I cut out my own lettering, I don't tend to buy readily available products so I can get a truely unique feel to my work. I'm obsessed with skulls, black and pink, my fave time of the year to craft around is halloween ;-) I get really engrossed within a project and often can lead up to 3hours on a card. I like to do alot of layering with things under tissue/ sheer fabrics etc, and work ntop of that. The card construction can end up quite complex especially if I want to detail further into the card by using the sewing machine; certain things I don't want to sew over and always have to keep in mind the neatness of the finished article. Usually these cards turn out very sturdy and quite heavy (postage!) due to the layers etc. I will normally work on a thick bit of card approx 200gms which is separate to the card, then mount this onto it when it has been completed. Then all the edges are professional, tucked in behind and nothing is visable on the reverse when card is opened.

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