Light bulb vases

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 08 Aug, 2017

Bulb blown? Combine with glass paint for beautiful effects. We’ve just had a home décor light bulb moment! Add a sweet touch to your interior design with these cool hanging containers. Pop in small sprigs and little blossoms, along with a drop of water, and hang up high!

1. Wearing a protective eye mask and thick rubber gloves, carefully remove the contact from a bulb with a pair of pliers. Cut out the black insulator. Carefully break the inner glass section and pull them out with the pliers. Discard with care. 

2. Measure and cut a 20cm length of jute wire, make an 8cm loop at one end and place over the neck of the light bulb. Hold the loop in position and bind the longer end around the neck a few times, trapping the shorter end. Twist the ends to the loop handle to secure in place.

3. To create a paint-dipped effect, pour some glass paint into a small container and dip the end of the bulb inside.

Project and how-to instructions by Suzie Attaway. Project originally published in issue (80) of docrafts Creativity magazine. 

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