Just Wanted To Say Hello.....

Posted by Sandramn, 11 Nov, 2019

I just want to apologise for not making comments on your beautiful crafting over the past month. As some of you know I went on a cruise around the Faroes & Iceland last month. Unfortunately, my husband was taken ill when we reached our first port in Iceland and a very long story short, he was hospitalised in Akureyri and then as his symptoms became worse, we were air ambulanced to Reykjavik where he stayed in the hospital for a week, being very well cared for, whilst I was in local hotels. Basically he had suffered heart failure due to mass of fluid on his lungs, causing pneumonia, chest and kidney infections. He'd received stents 8 years ago and one of these had failed resulting in all the problems he had. They performed an angioplasty on him and we were allowed home with medical assistance after 15 days. I always wanted to go to Reykjavik but never thought I'd be there for 2 weeks! He's now on the road to recovery thankfully. All the ship medics and hospital staff were absolutely brilliant and it could well have been a different story if the ship's doctor hadn't acted so quickly. I am now ploughing through 2 weeks worth of receipts and invoices to make a claim back on our insurance policy, which is an absolute nightmare the amount of information they want - but I won't hold my breath if I receive it all back. I will get around to making comments on your beautiful creations but currently I really only have the time to pop in and out to have a quick look Thank you for reading this and hope to be back with you very soon. Sandra xx

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