Jungle Box

Posted by katygodbeer, 20 Apr, 2010

Create a fun gift or storage box with these great wild animal stickers.

  1. Paint the smallest of the Bare Basics rectangular nesting boxes using green acrylic paint. Allow to dry.

  2. Cut several leaf shapes from green funky foam and cut out small notches around the shape to make them appear more ‘tropical’.

  3. Use Tacky Glue and 3D foam pads to glue the leaves onto the box. For the leaves on the side of the box, just glue them at the top of each leaf (to the lid only) so that they lift off with the lid when you open the box.

  4. Apply several wild animal stickers onto acetate. Cut out and use glue and 3D foam pads to add to the box.

  5. Cut notches from a few small funky foam circles and layer together or onto more circles of foam to make several mini funky foam flowers. Add a flower sticker to the centre of each and add to the box.

  6. Add some additional stickers including more flowers and some appropriate word stickers. Use Glitter Glue to accent the leaves and flowers. Allow to dry.

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