In the Round - Piping Nozzle Cake

Posted by jillpryor, 23 Apr, 2014

Jill uses piping nozzles in a unique way to decorate a cake with punched sugarpaste circles

  1. You will also need - Concentrated Edible Food Colours, Sugar Paste (Ready To Roll Icing), Sugar Glue

  2. Cut out mini circles from the green sugarpaste using the tip of a #5 piping nozzle. Push them out of the nozzle using the pointy modelling tool. Paint a little sugar glue around the visible edge of the navy circle, then pick up the mini circles one by one using the point of the tool and skewer them onto the navy paste to create little holes in the centre of each.

  3. Press the end of a #45 nozzle repeatedly into the green sugarpaste so that the narrow ends of the indentations point towards each mini circle.

  4. Make more mini circles as before and place around the edge of each pink ‘flower’. Glue the flower discs onto the centres of the green circles. Use a sharp knife to trim off the bases at the same level as the base of the pale blue circle.

  5. Use the 8cm circle cutter to cut each edge so that the ribbon sits neatly into place. Glue into position.

  6. Then use the pointed end of a modelling tool to create a series of dots in the duck egg blue icing on the cake itself, around all the edges of the discs and ribbon.

  7. Use these techniques to decorate the top tier of the cake, working with 6cm circles for the base of your discs. Add a large disc to the top of the cake to finish.

  8. Roll out light blue sugarpaste then re-roll using the Rambling Rose impressions pin. Cut four 6cm circles with a circle cutter.

  9. Use the largest end of a #12 nozzle to cut out four circles from navy sugarpaste and 24 circles from pink sugarpaste. Using sugar glue, position one blue circle onto each of the centres of the four light blue embossed circles and surround each one with six pink circles.

  10. Use the smallest end of a #1A nozzle to cut down through the middle of each blue centre, right to the bottom of the pale blue base. Then use the smallest end of the #12 nozzle to cut down through each of the pink circles.

  11. Paint the back of the discs with sugar glue and secure onto your cake at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

  12. Glue the green strip centrally on top of the navy strip with sugar glue.

  13. Use some string to measure the distance between each decorative disc on your cake and use this as a guide to cutting the strip to the correct lengths to fit each section.

  14. How to punch the final detail - Press the tip of a #33 nozzle into the recessed holes of the flowers and ribbon once the sugar glue has dried to create little stars.

  15. These fun and simple sugarpaste cutting techniques can be used to decorate all shapes and sizes of cakes, and I have chosen a little tiered cake made from a 6” and 4” cake. Pick four complimentary colours of sugarpaste and cover your cakes to prepare for decoration. Make a small quantity of sugar glue by breaking up a little white sugarpaste, covering with boiling water and stirring until dissolved – this will create a strong glue to adhere your designs.

  16. How to make decorative sugarpaste discs - Roll out navy sugarpaste to approximately 3mm thick. Cut four 8cm circles using the largest circle cutter. Roll out green sugarpaste and cut four 7cm circles. Paint a little sugar glue onto the centre of the navy circles and, using a palette knife, position the green circles centrally and gently press down.

  17. How to make the sugarpaste ribbon - Roll out and cut an approx. 40 x 2cm length of navy sugarpaste. Then roll out and cut an approx. 40 x 1.2cm length from green sugarpaste. Use the smallest end of the #12 nozzle to press out circles at regular intervals along the length of green. TIP Use the Little Venice Cake Company Thickness Guides to re-straighten up the strip.

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