How to use Posca pens

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 15 Feb, 2018

Paint pens are amazing little things, and so versatile too. If you're afraid to give them a go, don't be - they can be used on so many different surfaces, from ceramics to card, glass and more, and are perfect for creating uniquely designed gifts!

Ceramic Bowl

1. Use tracing paper to plan the design for the ceramic bowl and mug.

2. Start decorating the bowl first as the random pattern is easier to draw. Make sure all pens are primed with ink, or rather paint, ready for use; do this by pushing down on the nib for a few seconds until you can see the ink start to flow into the tip. The secret for drawing these intricate patterns is taking one stage at a time, to build up the design.

3. Begin by using the blue Posca PC-1M pen and draw a tiny circle in the bottom of the bowl for the daisy flower centre. Next, draw two petals, one opposite to the other. Draw three petals to fill one side of the flower, then another three to fill the other side to complete the daisy. Continue to draw daisy flowers in this way randomly over the inside of the bowl. Leave the rim area free.

4. Now you have completed the first stage of the design. Go in and add the leaves next. Use the same pen and draw the dewdrop outline shape first. Then draw the straight centre vein. Add the side veins each side to complete the leaf. Continue drawing leaves randomly filling in the larger spaces between the flowers. Another stage done!

5. Take the same pen and draw in three swirls per flower, protruding from the petals. Use these swirls to help fill in small spaces within the design.

6. Now use the larger Posca PC-5M blue pen to simply add groups of three dots to the random pattern. These dots are brilliant at filling in any little white areas, bringing the design together. They also create movement in the design.

7. Lastly, use the gold Posca PC-3M pen to draw a lovely gold rim around the bowl.

8. The paint on the bowl will require fixing. Bake in an oven at about 170 degrees, for half an hour. The bowl is now suitable for decorative purposes.

Ceramic Mug

1. Decorate the mug now in a similar way. Start working the design's first stage at the bottom of the mug. Use the large PC-5M blue pen, start next to the handle, and slowly draw nice, even semi-circles around the mug. Then add a dot to the top of each semi-circle, and a dot in between. Fill in another dot between these dots to complete a line of dots.

2. Add one more dot above the first dot drawn. Take the PC-1M blue pen now and add two dots above the last dot drawn to complete this stage.

3. These dots have now created a nice, even space in which to draw the leaves. Use the PC-1M blue pen again to draw in the leaf pattern as for the bowl. Draw all the outlines first, keeping the leaves the same shape and the same height. Leave the handle free. Then go back and draw the veins.

4. Now draw in the daisy flowers, similar to before, but draw the first two petals slightly longer. Draw all the flower centre circles first, keeping them the same height. Go back and draw in the petals. Complete the pattern by adding two further dots in between the flowers.

5. Take the gold PC-3M pen and add a smaller semi-circle within the blue pattern at the base of the mug. Colour in the gold semi-circle.

6. Carefully write the desired name. Add a flourish each end of the name to help fill the space on the mug, especially if you are writing a short name. Fix the paint in the oven as with the bowl.

Project and how-to instructions by Sue Smith.

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