Happy 18th

Posted by MelanieKnott, 13 Apr, 2005

Using Sticky Ribbon, Funky Foam and your favourite piccie!

  1. With Sticky Ribbon, fan out four lengths of pastel floral pink and lilac ribbon from the right hand corner. Add some daisies cut out individually from the strip.

  2. Choose a photo, here we chose a passport sized one. Border with pink Sticky Ribbon and place on a rectangle of lavender card. Cut to size (about 0.5 cm larger)with decorative edged scissors. Do the same with Fuschia Foam. (again another 0.5 cm larger)place 3D foam squares in between layers to give the frame some height.

  3. Place the frame you have made,in the right hand side of your card and attach with 3D foam squares.

  4. On some spare lavender card, stamp 'Happy 18th' in purple dye ink. Cut closely around the edge with decorative scissors. Glue down stamped image to a strip of fuschia Funky Foam, cut around using decorative edged scissors leaving a tiny border of foam showing.

  5. Place stamped 'happy 18th' at the bottom of your card, using 3D foam tape squares.

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