Handmade Gardener's Organiser Tutorial

Posted by SarahJRead, 21 Jul, 2015

From Creativity Issue 56 This lovely make uses the three Covermount Gifts free with this issue. If you missed out, try our online Shop, all back issues still come with the free gifts! Steps: Constructing and decorating the base 1. Take three pieces of A4 kraftstax cardstock, score down the centres and fold in half. Open up two of the cardstock pieces and add three strips of double-sided tape along one panel on each cardstock piece. Lay the two cardstock pieces flat with the taped panels next to each other, with the taped side up. Attach the third cardstock piece over the top of the taped panels, with the fold over the join between the other pieces. Refold to form the concertina shape of the base. 2. Cut four 29.5 x 1Ocm pieces of plain green Nature’s Gallery paper, ink the edges in brown and mat on each panel on the outer sides of the concertina base. Cut four panels of patterned paper a little smaller than the plain green, ink the edges and mat on top. Pierce holes around the edges of the patterned paper and use the thin end of a permanent dual tip pen to draw faux stitching. 3. Punch holes in the top corners of the valley-fold panels. Thread brown string through the holes and tie a knot in either end so the valley concertina folds are held in place. 4. Cut four 1Ocm lengths of the cover gift wide lace trim and ink lightly with brown dye ink. Glue the lengths of trim to the underside of the mountain-fold panels to maintain the concertina shape, as shown. 5. Glue a 1cm wide strip of plain green paper across the back panel, about 3cm up from the base. Ink a length of the narrow lace trim and glue on top of the paper strip, securing the ends around the back of the panel. 6. Cut and ink two 1Ocm lengths of wide lace trim. Fold and glue the ends to the wrong side. Adhere vertically at 4cm and 14cm from the left of the inner front panel as stick holders. Lollipop sticks and stamping 1. Using Papermania Bare Basics Wooden Alphabet Stamps, carefully stamp your chosen plant names towards the left side of a number of extra-large lollipop sticks using a brown dye ink pad. 2. Once dry, store the lollipop sticks in the vertical lace trim loops on the inner front panel. 3. Using the alphabet stamps again, carefully stamp ‘sow…’, ‘water….’ and ‘wait...’ on the die-cut notelets on the front of the jute pockets. 4. Glue the finished jute pockets to the front panel of the base, spacing the three pockets evenly. 5. Stamp two tags using the cover gift Craft Collection stamp set in brown dye ink on plain paper and mat on cardstock. 6. Ink the edges and punch a hole in the top of each tag. Thread jute string through both tags and tie to the jute pocket on the right. 7. Cut a length of narrow lace trim, ink lightly in brown and tie in a bow. Trim the ends and glue to the top left of the jute pockets. 'Tags' pockets 1. Cut three cover gift die-cut notelets in half to make the tag pockets, making sure they are smaller than the front pockets but large enough to fit tags inside. 2. Add extra imagery by cutting elements from spare die-cut notelets, inking the edges in brown ink and gluing to the trimmed notelets. 3. Place each trimmed notelet on a piece of hessian and stitch all the way around on a sewing machine. 4. Trim the hessian to fit and distress the hessian edges with a craft knife. Shape the pockets slightly with your fingers so they are not completely flush against the back panel and glue the three tag pockets on the back panel over the lace and paper strip, making sure they are evenly spaced. 5. Ink the edges of mini alphabet stickers spelling ‘tags’ and attach to the centre pocket. 6. Tuck a few Papermania Bare Basics Kraft Gift Tags in each of the pockets to finish. ‘Seeds and things’ pockets 1. Fold up the bottom 5cm of three Bare Basics kraft paper bags and secure in place behind the bag. 2. Mat inked, patterned paper to the front of each kraft bag. 3. Die cut three 8.5cm diameter circles in lined Nature’s Gallery paper and trim to fit the front of the kraft bag flaps. 4. Ink the edges in brown and glue to the front of the flaps. Add a Bare Basics wooden button to the centre of each flap, adhering with hot glue. 5. Glue the three kraft bags to the inner side of the back panel, spacing them evenly on the patterned paper panel, leaving the outer edges of the two outside bags unstuck. 6. Cut a length of the wide lace trim slightly longer than the panel and lightly ink in brown. Glue along the bottom of the kraft bags, about 2cm up from the base. 7. Tuck the ends of the wide lace trim behind the outside bags and adhere the outer edges. Add inked mini alphabet stickers to spell out ‘seeds and things’ along the right side of the lace trim. String holder 1. Remove the ribbon from a small ribbon reel. Draw around the empty reel on kraftstax cardstock and cut out. Ink the edges in brown dye ink and glue to one side of the empty ribbon reel. Select a round sticker from a Papermania Nature’s Gallery Label Stickers Pack and attach to the reel on top of the kraftstax circle. 2. Wrap a length of brown string around the centre of the reel and glue to the inner front panel, to the right of the plant sticks.

For each pocket, trim a cover gift die-cut notelet to 9.5cm tall. Glue on kraft cardstock, cut out leaving a narrow border and ink the edges in brown dye ink.

Turn a jute drawstring bag inside out, place the matted die-cut notelet on the bag under the drawstring, and machine stitch around the edge.

Trim the excess jute and roughen the edges with a craft knife. Fold over the top of the bag and glue to the top of the die-cut notelet.

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