Halloween Treat Bag

Posted by MelanieMarshall, 19 Oct, 2010

Use the Craft Planet range to make this cute Pumpkin Treat Bag.

  1. Have fun creating your own unique pumpkin face with black pieces of felt cut into triangles for eyes and a rounded zigzag as a mouth. Sew mini buttons along the mouth to add embellishment and texture.

  2. Take a piece of orange felt and fold in half. Draw an oval to create your pumpkin shape, with a jagged top. Cut around your outline to create two identical pieces.

  3. Create a handle for your bag with a jagged strip cut to your desired length. Add a tag made from felt off-cuts, personalised with stickers and attached with a brad at an angle.

  4. Sew your whole project together using co-ordinated thread in a simple running stitch, assuring there are no gaps. The felt is very forgiving for bad stitching!

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