Geometric Mocha envelope book

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 30 Aug, 2016

The envelope bags that come in the Capsule Geometric collections are perfect for holding odd bits and bobs in. Turn them into a handy booklet along with some die-cut envelopes to keep everything together. Decorate with patterned papers and die-cut pieces and tie shut with co-ordinating ribbon to keep everything safe.

1. Trim a 5" piece of kraft cardstock slightly wider than the largest envelope bag and score in ½" intervals. Fold along the score lines to create an accordion piece; you should have ten folds.

2. Cut another length of thick kraft cardstock for the cover, this time slightly larger than the length of two of the largest envelopes. Measure a 1" section directly in the middle, score and fold either side. Fix a large envelope bag either side.

3. Attach the accordion cardstock to each side of the central folds in the inside kraft cover. Attach an envelope bag in every other accordion fold with double-sided tape.

4. Cut a sheet of patterned paper to slightly smaller than the booklet cover. Emboss a panel of white cardstock with a herringbone embossing folder and ink the edges with a brown ink pad. Wrap a length of blue twine around the white and mat the two panels together.

5. Stamp an inspirational sentiment with blank pigment ink and cut out neatly. Die cut feathers and a vellum hexagon. Tie a bow with a length of twine and layer them all on the embossed cardstock with silicone glue. Embellish with a wooden arrow detail.

6. Punch holes at either end of the cover and tie ribbon through each hole to keep the booklet shut.  

Project, how-to instructions and photography by PDT member Geraldine Carruthers (docrafts gallery @ger76).

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