Geometric fairy lights

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 01 Dec, 2016

This cool, on-trend make is just the thing for atmospheric evenings and special seasonal parties. All you need is cardstock, a craft knife and a string of fairy lights and this pretty party scene could be all yours. Pick and choose your colours and patterns to make them truly one-of-a-kind.

1. Cut out a net on your chosen cardstock (we used Geometric Kraft and co-ordinating core colours) using the templates in the sidebar. Do this with sharp scissors or a craft knife.

2. Create apertures in the sides of the pyramid before constructing. These can be made from a number of techniques; pick and choose what you enjoy! If you’re using patterned paper (specifically one of the Capsule Geometric ranges) use the shapes as a guide to carefully cut out mini apertures. Do this on top of a self-healing cutting mat with a sharp craft knife. For plain coloured cardstock, use the three attachments on the Xcut Screw Hole Punch to create a pattern of holes on the net. Ensure that you aren’t too close to the sides when punching. For larger shapes, use the smallest mini hexagon die. Create an aperture that wraps around two sides of the pyramid by placing the die carefully over the fold line.

3. To soften the light when they are switched on, back some of the apertures with plain vellum. Trim similar shapes from the vellum and stick them to the inside of the net with double-sided tape, covering the holes.

4. On the centre base of each pyramid, cut a cross shape with a craft knife so the light can be inserted. Adhere double-sided tape to all the tabs and score along the dotted lines using a paper creaser. Remove the double-sided backing on the tabs and fold up the net.

5. Gently push an LED light through the slit on the base of each pyramid and they’re ready to string up!

Project by Jason Cluitt. Project originally published in the July issue (72) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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