Garden Shed

Posted by Kerenjb, 03 Dec, 2014

Make a unique card/present for Dad or a fun piece of home décor using only cardstock and the Garden Tools Xcut die set

Steps 1. Using a 12x12 piece of kraft card 27cm x 29cm. Score a line at 6cm in from each side so you have a shape like in the photo. Fold along lines and cut up the first 6cm along the top and bottom as shown in the diagram so you have flaps to fold in and glue at the top and the bottom. Cut two 17cm x 10.5cm pieces for the doors. Score at 2.5cm along the shorter width, fold and these are the flaps to adhere the doors into the box. Use your embossing tool and score every cm along to mimic joins in the wood. Add buttons for the handles and affix onto the inside of the box. 2. For the roof create a triangle with flaps (see the photo). Mine measure 15cm along the base by 10.5cm for the other two sides. Add 1cm flaps on each edge as per the diagram. Score and fold along the flaps, and stick to the front top of the box. Add another triangle to the back of the box. Cut a 23cm x 8cm piece of kraft card and fold in half along the long side. Adhere to the two triangles to create the roof. Punch out lots of brown cardstock squares and layer along the roof, overlapping each one slightly and starting at the bottom. Overlap the next layer on top of the previous one. 3. Add a folded piece of light brown card onto the top of the roof to hide any messy edges. Add some pen dashes & create a hanging basket by adding a piece of card folded into 4 to create depth and stick 2 hanging baskets to either side. Add a board with the sentiment hanging from the handle. 4. Add in tools and create two shelves by pieces of card the same width and a similar depth to the box and fold a flap at both sides. Adhere using one flap. Use coffee grounds stuck down with Anita’s glue to act as soil. Arrange tools in the shed

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