Flower Bouquet Card.

Posted by CamilaB, 12 Mar, 2018

Transform any A4 Ultimate Paper pack and a few flower punches to wrap it up this quick and easy 3D flower bouquet card. The bouquet wrap is a great way to use all those amazing vellums, the flower stems peaking trough completes the authentic look. This card will suit any style your mum might like.

• Grab an 8 x 8’’ card blank and remove 5cm to make a portrait card base. Trim a texturized white cardstock panel a little smaller than the card front and round the corners. Using craft tape, fix the cardstock panel with the card base together.

• Cut a square piece of vellum measuring 13 x 13cm. Positioned the square like a diamond and wrap the left point of the square over to the right and the right side over on top. Crease the folding with a creasing tool.

• Trim around 12 long stems from green cardstock that’s measures around 3mm. Open the vellum wrap and apply a few Adhesives Squares to the inside, this will help the stems stays in place. Start placing the stems inside the wrap in different heights.

• With clear adhesive squares, adhere the wrap without flowers to the card base at an angle. Punch 12 flowers from different sizes and styles. Use one or two glue dots to fix the flowers to the bouquet distributing it nicely.

• To make the fringe that goes inside the smaller flowers; trim a 1cm stripe from yellow paper, fold in half lengthwise and cut tiny slits from the folded edge throughout the middle, roll it up and secure in place with Adhesives Squares at the bottom and fix it inside the flowers.

• Spell your message using the alphabet stickers. 

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