Ferris wheel card

Posted by SueJSmith, 29 Nov, 2017

If you feel like you’re just going around in circles with your crafting, look no further for some inspiration than this clever moving masterpiece! Hop on board and take a seat, as we show you how to transform a two-dimensional die design into a moving, twirling, celebratory card.

1. Trim an 8 x 8'' sheet of dark pink cardstock to fit a white A5 card blank. To save on card, run it through an Xcut Xpress machine with the Ferris wheel die positioned near the bottom. Mat the remainder of the panel onto the card front, snipping off any excess. Cut the front of another A5 white card blank down to 14.2 x 19.8cm. Mark a centre point, 70mm down from the top, and snip a tiny vertical slot to house a brad.

2. Cut out the carousel stand with a craft knife, incorporating the centre hole. Adhere to the white panel with a glue stick, lining up the hole with the slot. Run the die through the die-cutting machine another two times, with a sheet of turquoise cardstock. Keep the triangular negative die-cuts and put to one side.

3. Cut out just the wheel with a craft knife. Remove the stand section, leaving the centre hub and the larger spoke in between. Remove all the carriages. The wheel rim needs to be cut away where the two carriages totally obscure, at 10 and 2 o’clock. Repeat with the second wheel.

4. Cut out new carriage arms by using the smaller spokes. If necessary, use scrap pieces of cardstock to trim another wheel. Fix the new carriage arms to the front face of one of the prepared wheels. Adhere the second one on top, rotating it round by two large spokes, so all the gaps are covered.

5. Die cut 20 more carriages from five colours of cardstock, using the bottom carriage on the die. Cut the support for each one a little thinner and match up with a second carriage with the support snipped off. Attach the carriage pairs to the wheel by threading the thin supports through each arm. Glue them together and bend the supports over.

6. Cut two 2cm circles, from white and turquoise cardstock. Punch a hole in the centre of both and glue the blue one to the back of the wheel. Push a yellow brad through and fix the white one to the back with 3D foam squares.

7. Cut a 14cm circle from white cardstock, with a central brad slot. Trim a curve on the right-hand side of the card front and panel, level with the centre of the Ferris wheel. Attach the wheel, pushing the brad legs through the centre slot and the disk. Open the brad legs to hold. Fix the panel to the card front with 3D foam pads and decorate with a sentiment and balloons to finish.

Project and how-to instructions by Sue Smith. Project originally published in issue 84 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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