Farewell to Zoe the Cat

Posted by biglesleys, 03 Jan, 2009

We are not having much luck with our animals at the moment. First it was Wilma the mouse needing an op, then my brother`s guinea pig Nibbles had to be put down with twisted intestines on New Years day, and yesterday, Zoe the cat, who my husband has had for 17 years, had to be put down with a liver tumour. We knew she was on borrowed time with her cancer but didn`t realise how quickly she`d go downhill. So, yesterday we had to make an awful decision because she was so poorly. Lee couldn`t go into the vet with me as he was in such a state. I felt that I was doing the kindest thing and yet it felt evil as well. The vet was in no doubt that Zoe had to be put out of her suffering but, it has still been awful. The vet was lovely and was so sympathetic every step of the way, right the way down to asking how she should be wrapped when she died.We buried Zoe in the garden this morning alongside the ashes of Charlie, her brother who died 2 years ago at age 15.

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